Army Pension Scheme - Help Required

I have been tasked to give a presentation on the New Pension Scheme Vs The old Pension scheme to the section. I have been jiffed to do so using powerpoint as a medium for getting the presentation across, I am however clueless as to the schemes and am in need of some help. Please fellow arrsers give this chat some help and easy on abuse! Oh and i have been given a whole week to get this done. Your help is appreciated.

Jiffed is an understatement. It's a complicated subject and if you're giving a brief you should have the full briefing pack with script etc to work from. Don't stray from it or venture to give opinion one way or another would be my advice. Are you familiar with the different accrual rates, change from Immediate Pension to Early Departure Payments, Death benefits, Resettlement Commutation, the mandatory change to your preserved pension whether you opt into the new scheme or not? If no then somebody clearly isn't putting the right troops to task.

Here's a VERY rough guide to the changes:

HM Forces Pensions are way behind the other public services for death in service benefits and widows pensions. It was decided to improve these but the whole thing had to be cost neutral to the treasury. Immediate pensions at 40 are particularly costly and irksome to the treasury so the new scheme reduces these. However, if you serve up to 55 (unlikely for the vast majority) you'll be slightly better off.

A lot of people will reject the new scheme out of hand as, unless you do 30+ years you're losing out financially and won't live to see the increased widow's benefits :wink: However, it's worth considering if you've got a monstrous mortgage or similar so your spouse won't be left in the lurch when you predecease her (or him).

It's way too complicated to cover here and requires a good depth of knowledge to even attempt to give people a steer in the right direction. However, if you ask these guys really nicely they might even come and brief your unit...

Units will be receiving a briefing pack in due course. If your being pressured from the top, then have a word with your RAO, as SPS personnel are NOT to give briefings until we receive the full details. Good luck though when you finally have to do it !!!!
Fair point Jock. No briefings until the briefing pack comes out. Who on earth is expecting smudge to give a brief on this subject when the direction has yet to come out?

I have attended a formal brief on this subject. Believe me, you need to be a back belt fourth dan to get this one over. NOK card it is not. Ask the person who told you to do it if they are aware of the implications of the presentation and the moratorium on the presentation. Then ask the RAO if he can help (unless it was the RAO that jiffed you or you are the RAO in which case you’re fcuked).
Thanks to all who have replied,I think i shall be telling the Jiffmiester than this is a task to far! I will also drop by the RAO and see if they will give the comparisons when all the information is available. Once again thanks to you all.

Bear in mind that civvies who give this sort of advice all have to be appropriately licenced and qualified. And that you may well be personally liable if some soldier loses money as a result of what you told him.
have you thought about contacting the local IERO (resettlement officer), he/she may have a PPT or know of a good place to look for stuff.

or if you're lucky, they may be able to do it....

Good Luck with that one.


A footnote may be 'if it sounds too good to be true........that's because it probably is'.

If you can, stick with the pension you've got.

They're not changing the pension for our benefit.

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