Army Pension Question


I was wondering with the changes and introduction of work place pensions ,I assume the army has something similar if not better.

At what point are you enrolled ? Is it day one of Phase 1?

Also what about current Pension schemes you already have in place? Will the army combine them Etc?

Forces Pension Society

The Armed forces were specifically exempted from the Act which brought in Work Place Pensions. The reason for this is that they already have automatic enrolment to, originally AFPS 75, now AFPS 05 and RFPS and, going forward, AFPS 15. The link to the info about AFPS 15 (above) shows that this scheme will provide pensions for those in all types of military service, including the PTVR.

Those currently serving who were over age 45 (for regulars) or 50 (for FTRS/ADC) will remain on their current schemes. Those currently serving who are not in this group will transfer to AFPS 15 on 1 April 15 but their accrued benefits will be protected and paid out at the points at which their original scheme would have delivered them.

FPS members who want to know what this means for them should contact David Marsh or Anthony Henderson who will happily set out the facts for them - . If you are not a member but want to know more about the FPS, visit our website -

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