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Discussion in 'REME' started by jockster, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Posted this on the RHQ Forum a while back, just interested on how many units are insisting to see the lads Army PDR's? and then giving them a right bolloxing for not filling them in correctly. The AGC lot seem to think that this is against the idea of the PDR and that the individual should have one, be encouraged to use it, but is under no formal obligation to use it.
  2. We don't here (lack of time) but the CO of my last unit was very keen on them. When handing over CRs and course documents, I always ask if the soldier wants a copy for their PDR. If they answer "no", I have the opportunity to point out that it is a useful storage box for such paperwork!

  3. Have they changed the front page of the instructions for use yet? You know the one with the bit that says on page 1-2-1

    "Do I really have to use this?"

    "No- but you have to keep it"

    So it gets me when they "insist" on ut being used.
  4. when they used to ask to see mine I would get the pledge out to shine up the protective cover!
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You have the option not to complete it. You then have the right to have no clear record of your courses, achievements, interviews etc. When you next complain that you should have been promoted, loaded onto a course or "but the Boss told me that I..." you will then be totally reliant on any records that other people may or may not have kept.

    The choice is yours, but don't blame anyone but yourself if you lose out in the long run for not taking an interest in your own future.
  6. I ve tried to encourage the use throughout my unit up to the point where I even gave a 45 min presentation on it because I actually see it as a useful tool. The sad fact now is that all PDR's have just been inspected and guys got pulled over the coals for not doing enough, even though, as Gundog says, it is totally up to the individual to do as and when he pleases, as stated in the opening notes. Clear direction from up on high needs to given on this subject me thinks.
  7. Theyll have been better off putting the money into better resettlement. I just left the Army and the PDR is f*****g useless. Rather have a decent CV.
  8. Yes the lads now hold their Army PDRs but bear in mind the Engineering PDR (original REME PDR) must be available for inspection by their engineering officer when requested
  9. You know I always thought that records of courses and such details were held in Glasgow. I mean do you need a PDR to keep your class 1 cert in if suddenly Glasgow pays you as a class 2 crafty after a couple of years as a class1?

    I mean how on earth did we manage when we were larger and without PDRs? Myself i always kept all my certs and awards in a black briefcase by my study table and will continue to do so. In the meantime where is the pledge PDRs are being inspected again :roll:
  10. This Engineering PDR, is that the section 5 in the Army PDR?
    The Boss has openly said that if anybody does not show the whole PDR for inspection, then this will reflected in thier CR's. Hence everybody handed them in and the they were inspected personal stuff and all.
  11. Are we sure that the CR in question is not the bosses because they couldn't show 100% compliance in following the PDR diktats?

    To me this highlights the iniquities of the PDR system when you have a Sword of Damocles hanging over you to make yoiu comply with the wants of the boss. I have known it where individuals were strongly hinted to that if they did not have a PDR, then they would not be getting any "fun" courses such as Adv. Trg quals because they would have no way of recording their achievements.
  12. More PC madness, the whole thing is a bit of unbrella war-fare for the grownups.

    The only reason they can possibly have for wanting the things filled in is so they can whip em out to prove investment in people type stuff - I know from mates who are out now that a PDR is of b@gger all use in an interveiw for a civvy job and like already said whats wrong with a good CV - its all civvies use and, shock - horror - REME MCM Div will frequently ask for one (especially with officers) when volunteering for a posting - they dont ask for fully completed PDRs now do they?.... Tell you anything, it does me!
  13. The Army PDR is issued to you for your use. Section 5 (the REME specialist section) should contain stuff like RECs etc. The Chain of Command are empowered to demand visibility of section 5 only. The rest belongs to you. Most people are happy to show the whole thing, after all what do you have to hide? Have you filled it with pieces of paper covered in death threats to the Boss and you don't want him to see them?

    If you are in REME read Corps Instruction E7, revised 2004. It is on the DEME(A) Intranet site via the Army portal. If you want to talk to HQ DEME(A) about it look for the SO2 PD on the Army Intranet.
  14. Chaps

    Im assuming the PDR is is your personal record of what you have done in your army career.

    In civvie street (in the engineering world) there is a greater push for doing CPD (Continuing Professional Development). This is your record of what you have done etc etc and thus sounds very similar.

    My point being is that in Civvie street, having such a record is more valuble than you think. Its not necessary but provides very useful information when you go to your interviews or want to get your engineering acceditation (CEng, IEng etc).

    Its a bit of a ballache, but is worthwhile in the long run

  15. A word of warning to those who think it's not important. In 1960 I attended a !st class regimental course in Episkopi which I passed. I carried on aand got 1sts Trade and education and thought that was that. In 1968 I was in Hong Kong as a Cpl and a mate of mine got his Sgt through. After talking to him I discovered that I was in fact senior to him and as I had never had a bad CR I checked with our Chief Clerk why he's got his and I hadn't. After contacting REME records it appeared that my 1st Regimental hadn't ben Pt IId so they had no record and therefore I wasn't qualified. It took about 3 months of letter writing before it was accepted that I had passed and I eventually got my promotion. Typically it could only b ebackdated 3 months so not only did I lose 3 months extra pay but I was done out of some super mess dos in HK. Had PDRs been in use then I would have had no trouble so all I can say is KEEP THEM UP TO DATE.