Army PDRs, whats the score?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jockster, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody out there give me a diffinitive answer on wether PDR's can be inspected by an OC or line manager. Or is it as it states in the notes, for the individuals use and his/her's use only and nobody can see the contents no matter who it is?
  2. What notes? This doesn't sound right to me. They're not for personal use and a supervising officer should be appointed to check that the PDR is being filled out correctly. Hope this helps.

    Edited to add: check JSP440 for all the info you need on this.
  3. They would wish to 'inspect' them in order to ensure that your 'personal development' is being catered for. You might end up getting a course out of it or perhaps some advice as to how to compile it if you haven't yet removed the celophane from the box.

    It's not all a conspiracy mate.
  4. I've got the wrong type of PDR there!!!
  5. Personal development – An Overarching Policy (D/DGTE/5/1) – This is at Jun 04 and was due review in Jun 06.

    I have taken the below extracts direct from the document:

    8. The PDR is a tool to encourage individuals to take greater responsibility for their personal and professional development. PDRs allow our personnel to record achievements, qualifications and experience. They also help individuals track their progress, review and plan development and assist with identifying learning, training, goals and aspirations both within and beyond a career in Defence. A PDR is a personal document, owned and maintained by the individual. Line Managers, however,
    have an important role to play in supporting individuals to complete the record.
    They will often be in a better position to make objective assessment of an individual’s capabilities and competences and identify training and development needs, particularly for the current post.


    • PDRs become the personal property of the document owner. They are maintained by the owner and it is entirely the choice of the owner whether information is made available to anyone else with the following exceptions:

    it is a requirement for members of a wide range of professional organisations to use and maintain a PDR.

    A PDR either in whole or in part may be required for
    assessment purposes;

    a PDR is a requirement for audit purposes where Government funding is drawn down eg Learning and Skills Council funding in support of staff undertaking a Modern Apprenticeship;

    a PDR should include a PDP which may be required for assessment purposes;

    in accordance with single Service/civilian policies personnel are required to complete a Personal Development/Training Plan associated with their own appraisal process;

    completion of PDR elements covering an individual’s post, trade or branch specialisms may be mandated and inspected by line management.
    All my bold.

    My interpretation is that although some areas are personal, Line managers (horrible phrase) have a responsibility to check other areas and it is not unknown for Education centres to insist on a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to be produced before they are willing to sign “Learning Credit” application paperwork.

    Regardless of the above, I would suggest that any individual who is serious about their own development would not object to help (in whatever form) with their PDR, however those who use the file as a door stop or to prop up their bed may object to a request from their management to see such a document

    :D :D :D
  6. Thanks CAARPS, that was what I was after and a "to the point answer" I could have wished for. I am that Line Manager and although I fully endorse the use of the PDR( I've even given a 45 min presentation on it ) I'm a bit concerned over the fact that somebody is allowed to take it off the individual and browse through it at will, which goes against the ethos of the PDR.

  7. Always had the belief that you can check if yr troops have their PDR (as its been issued) but its up to them if they use them,let you see inside or want advise on how to develop their careers.
  8. good idea for the younger lads as it gices a good timeline of how their career is going & when posted can give new line managers an instant view of what qualities/qualifications these soldiers have.

    mind you mine is still in the wrapper :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: BUT roll on 2009.
  9. Snap mate, mine is also still in the plastic wrapper, it does provide a service though, i use it as a door stop.

    Counting down the days !!!!