Army pays out for Hijabs for Muslims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mark3536, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. When we sign on the dotted line and take the Oath we forfit some of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by everyone else. It just seems the MOD in any possible way will bend over backwards if you happen to be an ethic, Homo, geezerbird etc and spending valubale money in doing so.

    If anyone senior in the MOD is reading this, how about putting all the effort and money you put into this crap into getting us the right kit, decent housing and stop the rot that has set into thsi Army.
  2. in the article the sun journalist claims that the serving muslim women don't even want to wear the hijab, this strkes to me of a nu-labour type PR offensive if serving personel of the islamic faith are not even consulted on their religious requirements, is there an army imam? (i've probably spelt that wrong)

    but what the hell do i know...
  3. Yes, although I'm fairly sure there's only one. Certainly not many.
  4. I thought this had been done a while ago then I noticed the publihed date, 08 Oct 2007. It was done as precautionary measure, in case a Muslim asked for one.
  5. A slack handful of clothing items have been purchased in case they are needed by Soldiers..... it is part of a uniform, albeit an optional add in based on the requirements of that soldier's faith.

    Best not tell you then that the Army buy turbans for it's soldiers too? This item costs about £5 inmost shops, so even the purchase of 95 comes to less than £500.

    Perhaps the Army could introduce a Hijab allowance (on the basis of the hosary allowance for women) to really make your veins pop.

    The forfeiture of rights and freedoms hardly covers the forfeiture of what is essentially a cotton hood does it? Besides which it is highly likely that the girls who did wear such items would indeed foreit the right to wear the item in certain situations.

    Get a fcuking grip man.
  6. Do they come in regulation DPM pattern and Desert pattern?
  7. There are also non-Muslim soldiers that may require a Hijab - female attaches in Islamic countries and incognito SRR types, for instance.

    Before this thread gets holed, does anyone else have any clue what is meant by this little nugget :?
  8. So the MOD issues kit and people are getting angry? I'm confused now.
  9. Yes-we-have-no-pyjamas.html

    What i am failing to understand is why is the army is using public money to buy Hi jabs for female Muslim Soldiers when they have not even requested them .And left our men soldiers without any dignity when they are injured by failing to buy pyjamas, shorts and T-shirts for our injured soldiers who have to return to the UK in towels and other unsuitable gear.”
  10. Cheeser :roll:

    Just bang them on the unit PRI!

    Although it's the Army's 'friend' Mr Newton-Dung who penned this particular article no doubt in our best interests.
  11. Mark3536

    How did you find this story, given that it is nearly 2 years old? Did you google hijab and up it popped? Were you reading a paper in the dentists waiting room and didn't notice the date.

    Or did your masters in the BNP tell you to launch this story the day before the election - stir up the outrage so that you get more votes.

    I wonder if there'll be an ethnic thread launched tomorrow.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A total horseh1t thread launched by an obvious provocateur. Locked.
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