Army pays out for anti-Muslim bias

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Yet again someone has seen fit to use their religion for advancement or financial gain instead of working for it.

    Perhaps the forces should promote all those of minority status to Lt Col and form minority Battalions where they all hold Lt Col rank. Each Company within the Battalion could cater for one particular minority.

    Fall in the 1st Battalion the Disloyal Whingers Regiment.
  3. And you know this how?

    The MOD seems to have chickened out, maybe because it knows that it has unclean hands.
  4. Not necessarily; fighting the case may cost more money than settling, even though they may have a very good case; standard practice in other Govt. areas - NHS, Councils &c.
  5. Or fighting the case, and losing, allows the possibility of opening the floodgates to loads of similar claims.

    We'll never know which but in that case, the claimant here shouldn't be demonised.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    She, being a lawyer, was able to use race discrimination to get something out of this. Others could not, and did not, but still went walkies anyway.

    I hope the MOD is going to look long and hard at why she went, and perhaps deal with the issue at source if necessary.

    As for the payout - no, she didn't lose any limbs, but at least she didn't have RSI . . . .
  7. Oh I agree, but it would be a fine thing if the beancounters grew a pair, and pigs flew and peace and happiness broke out everywhere
  8. Let's not forget that Major Siddique did go into the situation and put herself on the line - her QCVS is proof enough, regardless of whether it should or should not have been a higher award.
  9. And you know all this how? To claim Race discrimination at Tribunal is not as simple as 'The boss called me bad names" there is a burden of proof to be decided , and it's not just "Well it's obvious, it's cos I is tinted, innit".

    She went to tribunal because she felt there was a case. There have been some fantastic sums of money banded about, the maximum payout at tribunal, with all complaints satisfied is £58k. The plaintiff can then take that judgement on to the High Court if they so wish, at which point we're in to 6 figure + land.

    I certainly know of at least one case where race discrimination was not claimed , in spite of there being overwhelming and damning evidence that there was ,and the plaintiff was offered a settlement of £5k on the steps of the tribunal not to proceed.

    Sometimes, the public fall out from such a case, where there is even a taint of less than straightforward employment practice, to put it politely , is potentially far more damaging, with huge ramifications than giving someone a 5 figure sum to walk away.

    And as Cuddles says, she got the QCVS and in my opinion , DID put herself in grave danger subsequent to the meeting, and for the duration of her tour.

    Or do we think the IPS like being slapped down by upitty Persian women and will just take it on the chin?
  10. She being a lawyer obviously knew how to manipulate the system.

    Oh well, she's out of the army now which is good.

    She can **** off and go back to being a greedy blood sucking lawyer.

  11. So Soldiers who aren't lawyers, shouldn't go to them to get redress? Shall we sack everyone in ALS?

    The Army has appeared to lose a decorated Female Soldier, Lawyer and a linguist, who also seems to be a cool hand under duress.

    I would be more concerned if I were the MoD if the good lady Major opens her own practice now specialising in tribunal work for soldiers seeking redress.

    Seeing as how she knows how to 'manipulate the system' and all :roll:
  12. Well excuse me but i'm just rather sceptical thats all.

    What annoys me is that she tried to sue for so much.
    She very well may earn that amount as a lawyer on civvy street.
  13. Deleted to reconsider
  14. two points,
    1, any muslim in either the Forces or Police must have guts, because they are treated differently, and this is very wrong.
    2, Old English proverb... Sticks and Stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, How Much!!!!!
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My Bold

    Well, she sued on the following basis according to press reports:

    Now, it matters not what the MOD settled with, as it was an out-of-court settlement in which they got a 'no blame' clause.

    My first para states that 'others went walkies, but did not claim' - this being that, the information I have suggests that it was not specifically a race problem, but a problem of another type that caused others to walk also - others who have no such basis on which to make a financial claim - partly 'cos they aint lawyers, and partly because they are not a minority.

    I'll not go into further details, but can PM details of someone to speak with.