Army Pay


This is nothing new, during the Police Primary phase in NI I remember being an 18 year old on about £13 a day plus NI pay. That would have worked out at just over 50p per hour as we were run ragged back then. I remember earning more during leave as a labourer. reminded me then that I wasnt in it for the money! Cost of living, marriage inflation all add to our problems. You dont work for an hourly wage otherwise you'd be home every night or tucked up in a hotel!
I'm not saying its right but I certainly enjoyed the 7 day a week wage when I was home on the lash! Paid to have a hangovwer, "all this and beer!" to quote a recent book!
edited to add to Pte Bradshaws comments in the Iny article: Being an exserviceman on a pension doesnt make you rich. It may not son it is there to make up for the loss of earnings that your injuries prevent you from having. My opld Coy Clerk is on one and lives well enough. Admittedly he is canny enough to use his money (rather my taxes) wisely and I dont begrudge him it! If you are unlucky enough to stop one and lucky enough to get home then I suggest a trip to the CAB and bone up on your entitlements.

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