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Sorry if this has been covered before I didn't know what to search for! I was just wondering after I pass out how much money on average would I be looking to get paid every month after my accommodation, food etc... has been taken out of my wage.


After your first 6 months from your joining phase 1 date you can expect to come out with 1000-1200 (after tax/NI) a month based on what trade you are, what accomodation you're in, where you are based and what tax band you're in. You'll get paid more if you're based abroad or in London, or do a trade that is higher pay band. The figure above does not include food as I don't know many non-training establishments that are not on pay as you dine. At my camp if I ate in the scoffhouse 3 meals a day for 30 days it would cost me £150.60 but that can vary.

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Here's the gross rates if you want to play fantasy promotion (lower band left, 2013 and 2014; higher band right):


All at Appendix 1 if you're keen to get qualified, promoted, commissioned, ordained:

My first pay after I left Apprentices College in 1970 was £7 per week after stoppages-that seemed like a fortune at the time. However, on going on to the banking system in 1971, I received a monthly pay statement which told me I had £00.0 going in for the month. I think single soldiers almost received pay parity with pads the following year, apart from LOA.

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