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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by robert86, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Hello I am interested in joining the Logisitcs, I would like to know how much a year I would expect to earn? thanks.
  2. 17,265ish starting. Now go and learn to use a search engine, you've upset me.
  3. youll proberbly be paid far more than youll earn !!
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  4. You considered looking at the MOD website/RLC perchance ?
  5. thanks guys, im interested in specialist driver although there is quite a few others I would be interested in..
  6. not ROCKET SCIENTIST -we hope!!
  7. The way things are going I would choose wisely...Log Spec (Supply) - Stores, is a pinch point trade and likely to have plenty of vacancies for a long time to come...
  8. Aw, come on. Simple enough question from the poor lickle lad. Easy to spend hours on Call of Duty but a bit more involved to Google Army Pay. You wait until the hard questions start like "I broke my leg in six places. Will this hold up my application?" Or "I have a 2 year coviction for robbing a bank. Would that affect my application for the Int Corps?" Let alone the "what day do we get paid this month?
    They always startboff easy.
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  9. Ya -think of the many hours of fun ahead!! but if it wern't for the endless supply of new meat from the Jeremy Kyle home for the terminally thick and useless- where would arrse be !!
  10. ya -but only in Afghani goat droppings at an unbelievable exchange rate !!
  11. ******* really, **** chops?
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  12. He's joining the RLC, therefore devoid of common sense, and the ability to think for himself. Its not his fault.
  13. Shotgun front and centre seat + popcorn for the RLC-off!