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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Richym_83, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Im having trouble working out what i could earn in differant job roles when i join in order to help me choose. I have got this chart which shows 2 differant bands and within each band it shows what you could earn min and max but i cant find anywhere to tell me what jobs are which band and what ones earn more than others etc.

    Does anyone know of anywhere i can get this information on a whole?

  2. your local careers office will have the info. i would narrow it down to the jobs you are interested in first though as very few stay in for the money. its more the way of life, qualifications or job security.

    Better to do something you like, then, if you are good at it the money and promotion will follow.

    If you let us know what ones you are interested in then i am sure ome of us on here will know the pay scale.
  3. Thanks

    I'm not letting pay dictate my choice really, i have been over and over jobs whittling down what i would like to do i just want to know what the pay is for the ones i have in mind?

    If possible id like to know what to epect in each phase of training and thereafter?

    Jobs i am interested in are:

    REME - Armourer
    RE - Electrician
    RLC - Ammunician Technician
    Aircraft Technician
  4. From memory both REME trades are higher band once you get promoted, and AT is higher once you get your class1, plus I think it's still a pinch point trade so attracts a "golden handshake" once you've passed your basic trade training.
  5. All good choices and i think they will all be higher pay band. although as mentioned above very few jobs give you higher band as a private/sapper etc.

    what would u like to know about training? be on time do as you are told and whenever it gets a little tough just laugh it off. you will be fine.
  6. Quality advice... :D

    Although i meant what pay i could expect during each phase...
  7. Serious reply alert :D

    Try posting on the relevant sub forums, ie RE, REME, RLC. The guys there will be able to "help" with your questions
  8. Well its difficult to say without looking at the scales right now. if you have them you should have a good idea as i think they mention soldiers in training?
  9. New entrant Rate of Pay is 13,013 per annum which you will be on for your first 26 weeks irrespective of trade choice.

    After that you will go to level 1 lower spine.
  10. Yea i got the training part just want to find out how it goes thereafter!!!
  11. minimum 16k