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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by paulie, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Whether you are placed on upper or lower spine depends on the Arm and trade you are employed in. You move up a level every year you serve in that rank and are entitled to an extra level when you move from class 3 to class 2 in your trade and again when you move from class 2 to class 1.

    A private soldier would have to be in an upper band trade and have served for 5 years as a class 3 soldier(or 4 years and be a class 2 soldier, or 3 years and be a class 1 soldier) to reach £25245 in the have linked to.
  2. thank you for the reply .............
  3. na im still not getting

    Ok im sitting in lower pay spine, and im in infantry is that right.
  4. Bit of an old thread I know but it popped up via google when I was searching for current jump pay rates, assuming they still get it. Anyone help?
  5. It's £5 odd per day. Search "AFPRB report 2014" for the exact figure if you really want to know the exact amount.

    Edited to add: SP has now become Recruitment & Retention Pay.
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  6. Armynet has the full 2014 scales...

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  7. That'll do, cheers. I'm assuming they still only get it if they are operational? By boss was ex 216 Sqn in Kos and he didn't get it back in 2002 when he was with 200 Sigs.
  8. There are two different ways RRP is paid, called Continuous Career Basis and Non Continuous Basis. Those on CCB (for Para pay, this includes most of the Parachute Regiment, though the rules for Majors and above have changed recently) get it possibly throughout their career, whereas those on NCB (Para quall'd but not Para Reg) will be in receipt only when in a PiD which has the qual as a pre-req, and they lose it the day they leave that job.
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