Army pay scales in WWII

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Psypher, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Perhaps I'm being thick but after searching the t'interwebs I can't find any sources for British army pay scales in WWII.

    For example I'm trying to find the yearly pay scale for a Captain in 1942.

    Any ideas?
  2. ask iwm or NAM - they both have websites
  3. Thanks Poppy, that's a good idea, I'll drop them a line.

    I am surprised this information is not more readily available though.

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  4. Although not army wage, a RAF Squadron Leader got 28 shillings a day, well according to Sir John Mills in the film The Way To The Stars.
  5. There's a song that may give a clue:

    We had to join up, we had to join up,
    We had to join old Churchill's Army.
    Ten bob a week, bugger all to eat,
    Dirty great blisters hanging off our feet.

    [Repeats ad nauseum]
  6. Try the National Archives and/or HMSO, who used to publish the Pay Warrant each year.

    Might also be worth a search in ArmyNet?
  7. Thanks for the responses, that's giving me a rough idea. It'll be good to find an official list and it's a Captain's pay I'm most interested in.
  8. Not able access to ArmyNet unfortunately. Anyway with a bored moment want to do a quick search me?
  9. ACI 76/1940 actually gives the pay scales in force, which are attached.


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  10. Nice job OaC! Many thanks for this, just what I needed and very much appreciated.