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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Chris1994, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Hey ive read that from basic training /during whatever i'll be on £250 a week im wondering what is the net income on average i know its diffrent for specfic reasons an circumstances with everyone.

  2. Speak to your ACIO and they will give you a pay fax sheet.

    If memory serves right

    Basic Training is £13377 then goes up to over £16600 after you complete your training. Depends on your Job choice, how long you serve and your rank on if your higher/lower band. Two pay rises a year (In April after budget and another incrument)

    Basic Training you pay food and accomodation but in some phase 2 establishments you now can have PAYD which is pay as you dine(like in any cafe).

    Speak to your Recruiter who will explain it all to you in better detail and you must understand about all of this prior to interviews.
  3. Based on the new entrant salary of £13, 337 a year, £1,114 per month gross, you will net £928 a month, but of course there is still food, and accom to deduct from this amount.
  4. I got pay sheets just wondering how much money ill have in my pocket at the end of the week and or month
  5. £928 less food and accom charge.
  6. So if my mental arithmatic is right thats around £180 Give or take Net Profit, So that figure is yours to do whatever, Save, Buy beer, Ecr..
  7. You don't get paid in the Army, it's a volunteer force after all.
  8. you take home 500-600 then your final take home when you pass out is around 800
  9. at ADSC they said after tax, board, and food during phase one it's something like 750 quid... mileage may vary depending on the quality of the accommodation.
  10. Literacy & Numeracy Tests:9th March 2010
    ADSC: Pending

    Still working on the sums then? :twisted:

    The chunkies need people just like you. :evil:

    Mind you they will give you lots of great big guns instead of money. :lol:
  11. I didn't understand 2/3 of that :p what's a chunky?
  12. All recruits start on the same wage irrespective of age.
    Based on a 30 day month, a recruit can expect to receive £760 paid into his or her bank account. This is after Tax, National Insurance, food and accommodation charges have been stopped from your pay.
  13. I think the pay is irrelevant if you want a job simply for the money then apply to work in a bank or something..
  14. I was waiting for a comment just like that to show up. Someone always says it.

    No one said anything about it being "just about the money", they are just asking about the financial side of things. At the end of the day it's a job and the salary is something you need to consider.