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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by deano1986, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, i start basic training in january and was wondering what day you get paid into your bank account. Is it at the end of the month ? i just want to get my finances in order for when i go and i need to set up a standing order. I join on the 11th jan.
  2. Last working day of the month, every month regardless of festivities, sun or rain.

    Good luck to you with getting your finances in order, your Pl/Tp Sgt will love you as you'll be one less admin vortex for him/her to have to sort out.
  3. Thanks for quick reply mate.
  4. I always go for setting all my DD/SO up on the 1st the month.
  5. Although it may still be along way off, when you leave after 22 years and receive a pension, you'll be paid on the 9th of the month. Nothing like being prepared.. :D
  6. You'll find that your account will not be set up before the run of pay in January which in lay terms means you won't receive your salary into your bank until end of feb. You may get a certain amount paid over the counter until your JPA account is set up.

  7. I get mine on the 5th.
  8. the army is a very big organisation with a very big payroll...there are often mistakes and mishaps when there is a change to an individual's account, including new-joins. these mistakes are almost always resolved, but can take a while.

    My advice, get some cash in your current account (maybe interest free-loan from parents / xmas money!) to see you through the first couple of months until your pay settles down and your S/Os are covered
  9. Pensions are paid throughout the month. Not too sure but I believe it is the same as your last day of service - ie leave the army on the 5th of whatever month = pension paid every month on the 5th.
  10. I left on the 14th Nov last year, got lump sum 10 days later and my first pension payment on the 5th Dec, had it on the 5th of each month since.
    I believe that it is a bit random and all depends on when they process you.
  11. Maybe it's different for everyone, but the people at Xafinity told me that they're all paid on the 9th. Which for me is no where near the date that I left. Hey Ho - Money in the bank so who cares.. :D
  12. Mine goes in on the 1st of every month! - nothing like being consistent!!

  13. I can see a phone call coming on in the morning.
  14. Mines about the 15th which is good 'cos theres not so much month left at the end of the money
  15. I get mine like I did while serving The last day of the month