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Discussion in 'Economics' started by wee_jock, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone worked out what the pay cut was for the last 4 years? Obviously we got a 1% pay rise this year but for 2010-2012 we received no increase unless you were on less than 21,000 a year. This was effectively a pay cut. I'm wondering if anyone has worked out what the percentage pay cut works out at. I'm pretty sure you don't just add up the rate of inflation for each of those years. If it is that can someone let me know and I'll work it out myself.

    If this has been done already can you send me a link to the thread.


    Wee Jock
  2. Some will have received an incremental rise.

    Other than that, it was not a pay cut. If you are going to talk about a serious subject be specific in your terms.
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  3. When I say pay cut, I mean that those of us who received no pay rise that year, which to be fair would be quite a lot of people, because of the rate of inflation. There money would have bought less. For example if you were a LCpl High Band level 7 you wouldn't have got a pay rise, either as an increment or on the 1st of April. But if a pint of milk goes from 40p to 45p then that is effectively a pay cut. Even the increment levels aren't all that much. I agree that the terminology I used may have been vague, but did you really just come on this thread to have a go?
  4. I understand the basic economics of it.

    I'm not having a go, did you start this thread with the expectation everyone would agree with you?

    Mention of a pay cut implies a punishment. This is not what has happened, it is just the unfortunate economic circumstances that we find ourselves in meaning that our money is worth less than it was a year ago.

    Most of the country will just have to suck it up for now and hope it gets better on the other side of the recession.
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  5. Was going to comment, we have had a paycut, but I felt guilty in Morrisons at the till, young family getting in there weekly shop, buying all the supersaver crap and food that can be carried over. Also using vouchers to get the price down, they werent poor, but you can tell they were really cutting back. Then I look in my trolley, as bad as things are my trolley was full of premium brands. I have posted in the past about how bad it is, but I didnt realise how comfortable I really was.
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  6. "If you are going to talk about a serious subject be specific in your terms."

    Your words, not mine. Does that now sound like you are having a go? I started this thread to get an answer to a question. I'm not asking anyone to agree to anything, it's not my opinion that we didn't receive a pay increase for 3 years on the bounce, except for your increment level if you were eligible.

    It's also not my opinion that MP's are currently looking at an 11% pay increase.

    A pay cut doesn't imply a punishment, it is what it is. If you don't receive a pay increase by at least the level of inflation in whatever job you are in, then you are effectively taking a pay cut.

    I'm asking this for a serious answer, clearly you don't have it. Please don't hijack this thread.
  7. Stop being so precious. It wasn't intended as a go at you, it was merely a steer in a potential debate.

    Paycut means reduction which implies the MoD are actively taking money away from you. They are not, we are all just a victim of circumstance.

    There is a method of working out what you need, financial advisors use it, especially when they are setting up your portfolio to demonstrate what your money would be worth in years to come at varying rates of inflation and how you offset that with investment v risk. There will no doubt be explanations of this somewhere online.

    I see what you are saying about the effect inflation has on your money in real terms and that this means your money doesn't stretch as far, but I wouldn't refer to it as a pay cut as you can offset inflation by being fiscally savvy.
  8. "Stop being so precious"

    Who are you? You don't have the answer I want but you insist on commenting.

    I don't want advice on how to manage my money, I can do that quite successfully.

    The reason I want a % figure is I intend to write to my MP detailing the pay cut, and I will insist on calling it that as that IS what it is, that members of the Army have incurred due to not having a pay rise from 2010-2012 and then another, albeit smaller, pay cut this year. Which was marginally offset by our fantastic 1% pay rise.

    Stop replying dingerr, this is not the thread you're looking for.
  9. If you are only after the answer you want to hear then you may struggle in life.

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  10. I was going to have a moan about not getting an incremental rise for 3 years running and therefore consistently getting less bang for my buck, however, I got promoted and if it wasn't for my darling oxygen thief children I would be *****ing loaded.

    So therefore, I booked an early afternoon Tee time tomorrow instead ^~
  11. I give up
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Why don't you just work it out? Take several different key areas, such as food costs, utilities, travel to work costs, loss of interest on savings, etc.

    Then take what each area of that budget cost in the year you last got a pay rise, compare each area to what it costs today. Then compare it percentage-wise to how much your pay has increased and you'll have your answer.

    It'll always differ from person to person, simple reason being I don't commute as far as my neighbour, but he eats less than me etc
  13. Hope there are biccies, and jammy dodgers, if you have to get tea leaves, Tippy Assam, cheers Mr CAARPS,
  14. Dave still very happy!
  15. I worked it out for you, it has been a 6.7% paycut over the last 3 financial years (Apr-Mar).