Army overstretched and underequipped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 18, 2003.

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  2. msr

    msr LE

    As opposed to the TA, who are understretched and underequipped  :mad:
  3. The current government are not in the slightest bit interested in the current state (being the appropriate word) of the Army :'(...for one reason...we are not vote winners.  The general public are only aware of what directly effects them, ie the NHS, Education, Police and Fire Service :mad:.  However if they were made aware of the true extent of our plight, would there be an uproar? Of course not!  Perhaps CO's should start reporting the facts up the chain of command to senior officers who have the moral courage to stand their ground and actually say 'NO!' to this present government.  I'm in a parallel universe again. ::)
  4. "As opposed to the TA, who are understretched and underequipped"

    Depends which bit of the TA you are referring to - some bits are decidedly overstretched.  

    For instance (and without wishing to give too many details away) were you to go looking for certain specialist int related skills you would be lucky to find a single TA soldier to mobilise as they have all mobilised already.  A lot more would have been called up for TELIC than actually went had they been available.  

    The decisions of a few years ago to cut training have borne fruit in the current shortages - but no real money is available to overcome this.  The experienced soldiers left get disillusioned, ultimatums from work and family and leave.  

    Sure, recruitment is good but no-one has yet found a way to provide 10 years of experience in 6 months - and what our customers want are experienced tradespeople who can slot straight in rather than soldiers fresh from A3 trade training.  I suspect that we differ from teeth arms in this respect.  
  5. Outstanding news resource link Lippy, there's another 30 minute chunk out of me day....  ;D
  6. msr

    msr LE


    Do stop wibbling. Military victories almost always reflect themselves as greater popularity for the government of the day. Look what victory in the Falklands did for Maragaret Thatcher. And look what defeat did for the Junta.

  7. msr

    Maggie (and her pro forces government) were re-elected as a result of the FI Conflict, and John Major's was bolstered as a result of the Gulf War. After both of those actions we enjoyed a brief resurrection of popularity and both conservative governments rewarded us with better pay.  However then came Options for Change, SDR etc etc.  

    Although the Armed Forces required major restructuring following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90's, the implications of the changes made were not thought through properly...hence SDR etc.  

    Equipment procurement is a politically sensitive issue because if the MOD awards a contract to a foreign company, it costs British jobs...oops a vote loser.

    If your average British squaddie does 6 tours in 6 years, doesnt get his full leave entitlement, is ripped off by Pay Cut 2000, and is asked to fill in for the Fire Service when on post op leave etc he will vote with his feet. The British public would not even be aware of the loss. But as we cannot fill the post...the government saves some more cash to spend on the other public services....Hey, another vote winner!!!!

    Let's be honest about this, so long as we do such an outstanding job with such few resources, we will continue to dig our own grave.

    One day we will implode, not a question of if, but when!
  8. true i would hate to imagine if we tried the gulf war in 5 years time or another falkland type war i doubt we will be up to the job and imagine the humiliation of us being defeated , even tho i would hate it THAT is probably the only thing that would persuade the government to pump more cash in
     awwwwwwwwwww understaffed underfunded, lmfao welcome to the real world
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  11. Wow what a reply
      obviously touched a nerve there LMFAO
  12. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Has anyone seen this in today's Telegraph:

    "Blair may send force to help UN halt killing in Congo
    By George Jones, Political Editor
    (Filed: 22/05/2003)

    Britain is considering a request by the United Nations to send troops to join an emergency peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tony Blair told MPs yesterday."

    So much for the British Army not being sent anywhere else for a while...