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Army Overall Strategy Papers

First post - potentially one which is going to send people running for the hills, but i assure you i am not a journo!!

I work for a UK based defence company, and am security cleared. If you wish to keep your replies private you can PM me, or e-mail me (PM me for my company address, proof that i am no journo!).

Basically, i work in the business development side of the defence industry, and as such am concerned with finding ways to extend the services which we provide to the MOD, and of course that means improving the service which is in all of our best interest. I am also in the TA, and have experienced first and the problems of shoddy kit and rubbish repairs processes.

What i am looking for, is some sort of overall strategy papers for each of the services which address future service strategy with regard to procurement, support services etc. This would be something which builds on the 'Defence Industrial Strategy' and 'Enabling Acquisitioned Change' white papers of the last few years, and tie into the defence reviews carried out regularly.

If anyone can shed any light on whether these A) exist, and B) where to find them/whether they are in the public domain i would be very grateful. This information shouldn’t be sensitive, and would certainly be of no interest to a journalist (or anyone for that matter!!) so any light you can shed would be much appreciated.

PM me if you would prefer to keep your reply private.


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