Army Ordnance Warrant Officer - History / Citation

Discussion in 'RLC' started by JonnyAlpha, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi;

    A good friend of mine is about to get dined out of the Army after 24 years, he managed to achieve the rank of WO1(SSM) and was bestowed the honor of being able to deploy as the Force Ordnance Warrant Officer Op HERRICK.

    For his dine out he is looking for a citation / history of Ordnance Warrant Officer Appointments, I have found a few snippits but nothing concrete.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide and info e.g. where the appointment found its beginnings etc, theres obviously stuff on the prestigious appointment of Conductor but not on the good old OWO who in the day breathed fear into units when they found out the BOWO was inbound!!! The inspecorate from the gods!!

    I know this post will result in a whole load of flack but hopefully will also reap some rewards.

    P.S. I too have been an OWO (BOWO 102 Log Bde, FOWO Op TELIC) and considered myself privileged to hold the appointment and strived to offer advice and support to anyone that needed it whilst I was in post.
  2. Corps museum, they know a lot about trucks for some strange reason.
  3. WO1 (SSM)??

    (adding text to see if that helps with format that turns everything to lower case!!)
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  4. Staffs Sergeant Major
  5. Thank you - wasn't familiar with anything other than Squadron....
  6. Yep, only the RLC could be so utterly confusing.
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  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  8. JonnyAlpha,

    Have you asked on the RAOCOnline forum?

    If you can get hold of the former Senior Conductor D___ P_________ I'm sure he would help.

  9. Thankfully those Draconian days are over and we now have a more sensible approach. Technically he is not a OWO as we ceased running formal training for Ordnance Warrant Officers in 1993. I think if you check on JPA you will find that both of you are Formation Supply Warrant Officers but have clung onto the 'Ordnance' unofficially.
  10. This info is useful to me.

    Has anybody got a link for the (Royal) Army Service Corps and RE's for the same period.
  11. The Conductors website deals primarily with Conductors since 1327 but there is some WO1 related material amongst the essays and articles.

    Home Page

    Also, at Didcot Sgts Mess, there was a book in the mess entirely about the WO1 Rank, presented by a Guards Officer who used to be with Proof Branch. Can anybody who was or is at Didcot remember the title of the book?
  12. If you're serving, you could also try the Army Library Service. You can search and request books online via the MOD Intranet.
  13. Royal Army Service Corps - History

    Royal Army Ordnance Corps - History

    On 11 January 1879, a Royal Warrant established Conductors of Supplies (in the Army Service Corps) and Conductors of Stores (in the Ordnance Store Branch) as Warrant Officers, ranking above all non-commissioned officers. In 1892, Conductors of Supplies were renamed Staff Sergeant Majors 1st Class, but Conductors of Stores remained in what in 1896 became the Army Ordnance Corps. Staff Sergeant Majors in the new corps were renamed Sub-Conductors. In February 1915, with the general introduction of warrant officers throughout the army, Conductors and Sub Conductors became Warrant Officers Class I. Sub-Conductors reverted to the appointment of Staff Sergeant Major in 1967, but the appointment of Conductor passed to the new Royal Logistic Corps in 1993.

    Not exactly what you are after but a good bit of background/history
  14. They where not Draconian Days, they were days when the majority of OWOs knew their Sh** and as such were able to carry their role with the authority of the Bde Comd knowing that they knew what they were talking about.
    Sadly today whilst there are still a number of effective Warrant Officers there have been and still are those that are not up to the required standard.

    With the creation of the RLC together with a number of other factors we now have many inexperienced below par OWOs and others that just pay lip service to what it is they are supposed to be doing. Some because they have been promoted far too quickly and therefore have not gained sufficient experience, some who because of their trade group or background do not have sufficient spread of knowledge and others who simply see it as a stepping stone to Commissioning and as such do not want to tell a unit CO or Bde Comd that Logistic Sp within his Bde is crap!!

    The role of the OWO is to provide assurance to the chain of command at all levels that the Supply and Accounting of all commodities within the formation functions effectively ensuring that the Bde has the technical and physical ability to function on operations.

    I did my FLSWO course in 2001 and held appointments of BOWO and FOWO we did not cling onto the "Ordnance" title unofficially it was and still is the position title as stated on the Establishment Table as endorsed by the General Staff now HQ LF!! If the term OWO no longer exists then why would we still have 2 x COWOs a slack 3 x DOWOs, a number of BOWOs We have retained the title throughout

    Whilst the term 'Ordnance' relates specifically to Arms and Ammunition it is still a commodoty that an OWO looks after also we have retained the titles throughout the history of the RAOC and carried it through into the RLC without feeling the need to rename. The RLC has been formed 17 years and OWOs are still around and long may they reign!!
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  15. Dinger - where have you been all your career as seen in this post the rank of WO1(SSM) has been around since 1967 formerly Sub Conductor. WO2 in the supply trade (and some others) are WO2(SQMS) Staff Quarter Master Sergeants and WO1s are Staff Sergeant Majors. Squadron Sergeant Major is an job title / appointment.