Army or Royal Navy?

@Ravers Is artificer route still open to direct entrants?
I don't think so.

In the early 90s the RN fiddled with the branch structure and introduced the Operator Mechanic branch. I was a Weapon Engineering Mechanic (Radio), AKA Pinky Faggot, and remained in that branch even though it was gradually run down and replaced by OMs. During this period the Artificers remained but it was with the introduction of the current Engineering Technician branch that tiffs were done away with. ETs are essentially a mix of the old WEMs and the tiffs (and the same goes with the Marine Engineering Mechanics and Marine Engineering Artificers)

Give it another 15-20 years and they'll fiddle around with the engineering branches once again.

@PiddlingFish if you complete your A levels I would go with @Ravers' suggestion of applying to become an officer. Whichever way you decide to go in your military career you will one day leave and seek civilian employment. The knowledge, skills and experience you will gain as an officer will only be to your advantage when competing for your desired job in a future civilian career. Plus, as an officer, get dicked around a lot less and enjoy greater privileges than an Other Rank.

You've stated that you are interested in a combat role and have listed the infantry as one of your primary choices. In which case I would suggest you don't join the RN as there will be few opportunities to play with bangy things on a regular basis. You certainly won't do so as a Warfare Officer but you will command those that do plus as a Warfare Officer you may have the opportunity to command a warship which is a hell of a lot of responsibility.

As a warfare branch rating you will spend a fair bit of time in the ops room but when not there you will be doing shitty jobs like cleaning and painting or standing at the gangway controlling access to the ship. You will spend a lot of time in various shifts (known in the navy as 'watches' and these will fcuk up your sleep pattern.

The Seaman Spec branch will see you getting to drive sea boats (not that much fun when it's pissing down with rain) and carrying out seamanship specific evolutions such as replenishment at sea (RAS), bringing the ship alongside or leaving harbour where a lot of rope handling is required (often when it's pissing down), anchoring (often again when it's pissing it down) and lots of upperdeck maintenance like cleaning and painting (although if it's pissing down you get to clean and paint inside the ship).

As @P.O.N.T.I says, avoid the infantry because truth be told when you leave the army civilian employers in the main aren't really interested in ex-soldiers whose main skill set is digging shell scrapes, living in muddy fields and pointing guns at and shooting people.

Have you considered a role as a Royal Marine?

Plus, as Ravers has said, the army smell funny and eat their own young, added to which they are particularly attractive to members of the same sex, unlike the men of the navy who have a girl in every port (and the odd kytie here and there).
I don’t think they’re proper apprenticeships in the traditional sense of the word.

Looks like the RN have just relabelled every job as an apprenticeship now.

With the exception of Comms Tech, the warfare roles don’t get a decent qualification. It’ll be a BTEC level 2 in some random subject.

Go engineer. Get a BEng.
Did you manage to complete your BEng? I thought it might have got interrupted by that minor op you had to your swede.
I chose the RN for the travel option alone "Join the Navy, see the World". I did 6 years and had some great deployments including some quality stops like Seychelles, Mauritius and Singapore.

There's pros and cons with most jobs. I was in the branch that is now called Communication Technician. If your going Warfare branch I'd recommend Comms.

As well as all the usual sensible stuff about future transferable skills for civy Street I'd add that being comms also offers you some great shoreside postings in Comcens worldwide which wouldn't be available to a large part of the R.N. I had a great 6 months at Whitehall (extra pay and civy flat) and I've friends who had postings to comcens in Gibraltar and Naples.

If travel in any way interests you pick the Navy.
Linguist or analyst?
yep and things must have gone tits up. even as a 18 year old in 1982 i had my own room
My lads rooms had no heating for most of the winter, including showers.
I knocked them off to to PT and have a hot shower.
And they paid top rate as it was 3 miles from a main city


I would’ve put the thread wouldn’t let me do anything. For Army:
Infantry Solider
Light Gunner
That’s it at the moment
Warfare Specialist
Warfare Officer
Seaman Specialist
Think ahead when you are about to leave the Forces, do any of your choices give you any transferable skills for civvy street.
Think ahead when you are about to leave the Forces, do any of your choices give you any transferable skills for civvy street.
I think infantry gives you like public services awards (I can’t remember from the apprenticeship thing) and I assume warfare will give me like IT skills. I’m not sure.


I think infantry gives you like public services awards (I can’t remember from the apprenticeship thing) and I assume warfare will give me like IT skills. I’m not sure.
I really think you need to go to the local careers office for a chat on what is good for you. Just be wary of the what THEY need to fill and WHAT you want to do. Try all 3 Services to see what's on offer with your quals. Do not commit until you have done your homework on the trades on offer. Good luck in your quest.
Engineering and mechanics doesn’t really interest me and I don’t really want to be inside an armoured vehicle.
You might well end up inside an armoured vehicle in the infantry.
The only way to mitigate against that eventuality would be to join the Parachute Regiment or, perhaps combine your infantry / Navy wishlist and join the Royal Marines.

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