Army or RAF? VM or Air tech?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SGTsaladfingers, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so i've passed selection for the army as air tech, but have been told i could be waiting a while for my start date. I have also applied for the RAF and could be in for August. But that doesnt particularly bother me. Im just wondering what your opinions are for the job in each force because i cant make my mind up. here are some points i thought of
    -raf has better postings for air tech, more bases
    -raf has more aircraft
    -army seems to have better promotion aspects, so better pay faster etc.
    -army has quicker route to being fully qualified, so get on to tech pay faster.
    -the "green" side of life of the army appeals more, but would i get much as an air tech?

    So to make things more complicated, im also looking at VM in the army because i have been told there is more of a chance to get more stuck in, so to speak.

    im just wondering what your opinions are on the trades in both services, and which would be better in terms of variety, and (forgive the cheesyness) adventure.
  2. Ok quick view from the "Crab" point of view.

    Sooty's (Airframes teach) pass out from Cosford on higher pay band pay
    Postings can be any flying station.
    once you get "Q" on a specific aircraft sometimes it means you stay with that airframe. so say you fix Tonka you will be posted to camps with Tornado aircraft.

    Promotion is slow in the RAF as a whole but again its what you do that will make the diffence, Ive been in 7 yrs and am still an SAC(Granted my trade is really small)

    Aveage promotion time for your trade is 5yrs so im told.
    In the RAF you will do a lot of dets to different places the tornado sqn based at my last camp went all over the place mainly U.S.

    Getting "stuck in" may prove a bit more of a difficult task as you will only be at places where aircraft need work. Ops Tours are not so easy to get on so if its that you are after id try the green side of life.

    Hope this helps?
  3. Is this just a re-hash of your previous thread?

    Your previous thread

    EDIT: apologies SSF didn't read the submission date before posting.