army or raf regiment gunner?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nickc847, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. i was all set 2 join the infantry in the british army and my mate tells me he thinks i should join the raf regiment gunners. up untill then i had never heard of them but after doing a bit of research im split between the two. any comments/opinions would be appreciated especially from ne1 currently serving in the regiment or has done in the past. thanx
  2. It took a while to understand what you were asking due to some very odd spelling. However, if this is not a Wah (and I suspect that it is...) then why ask on the ARMY Rumour Service? Don't you think you might get a biased answer?

    Oh, by the way - Don't use text speak/spelling. Thanks!
  3. Tell your mate that he's a chopper, then take a blow torch to his tockley.
  4. cheers for the replies and sorry about the spelling i'm new to the site. i also posted the same question on so i can check out all the biased replies from all the raf service men and women to. thanks for the link also
  5. wah??? am i being retarded? please explain
  6. D'OH....seems I am a retard!
  7. Like a lamb to the slaughter....

    Please read this thread on the in's and out's of Britains third four special forces group (if you count 49 Para).

    Also on E-Goat its full of techies who hate the regiment, you see in the RAF they all hate each other.
  8. And there is no issue with different cap badges in the Britsh Army 8O
  9. As a member of 49 para, I think you would be better suited to the rockapes - I'd do it if I had my time again...
  10. The RAF regiment is so pants i just dont know where to begin.
    Im not gonna talk of better regiments within the army because everyone here has their biases (obviously).
    What I would say is the RAF Reg, from my personal experience, is for walts. Their job is to protect airfields by stagging on - thats it. No offensive ops at all.
    All soldiers hate "mag on, stag on" because its boring and crap so why join a unit whos sole existance is to stop the bad guys poisioning the aircrews gin and tonics?????

    Also from looking at the article from above link it took the raf blokes to go out of the wire a handful of times to be nicknamed "RAF-SAS"....who by.....themselves???...their mums?????
    That is so fcuking hattish i just cant believe it!
    Apart from the fairytale that 2 Sqdn RAF Reg is the real 2 PARA!
  11. Let me tell you a story from when I was a Platoon Commander with the Resident Infantry Company in the Falklands:

    1st Airfield Defence Exercise and my platoon HQ was in an RAF Regiment Rapier position so we could use the thermal imaging. The Rapier Compound gets attacked by the enemy. My Platoon Serjeant shouts 'Stand to'. The response from the RAF Regiments finest from their sleeping bags is 'We're on shift tomorrow' and promptly go back to sleep, so it's left to my Platoon Serjeant, Signaller and Mortar Man to repel the attack with the lone RAF Regiment Gate Sentry.

    2nd Airfield Defence Exercise. The compound is attacked whilst all the RAF Regiment are still out of their sleeping bags. My Platoon Serjeant leads the defence and the enemy retreat. 'Lets follow the enemy up' my Platoon Serjeant enthusiastically cries! "Sorry" reply the RAF Regiment, "We're not allowed to run at night because of Health and Safety".

    Morally of these two genuine stories: If you want to be a shift working girl join the RAF Regiment. If you want to be a soldier join the Army.
  12. Point of Order: no matter what you think or say about the me, they hold Pongos in equally high regard!