Army or Not?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BritViper, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Wondered if anyone could give me a clue as to how I go about verifying, whether or not someone previously served in the British Military or not.

    I married a Yank a few years back and moved to the States. I have been lucky enough to get a job as a firearms instructor at a local range. Since the gun business over here is full or ex military from all over the world, I keep bumping into other British expats. Nearly all of them claim to be ex-army, navy etc. Most of them with a wink wink, nudge nudge.....say no more mate...indicating some kind of SF training or regiment. This normally leads me to the conclusion that they are full of shit and that’s the end of that.........

    However I would hate to be tarring them all with the bollocks brush if in fact one or 2 are for real.......Question is how, (without interrogating them and making myself look a total prick) do you know?.................Any ideas?
  2. Ask them the color/colour of the boathouse. :wink:
  3. Black nasty across the eyes usually indicates "Them".


    You could ask them what colour the boat house at Herford is.

    Have they written any books?
  4. Select someone who claims to be ex-Army.

    Tell them to think of an eight figure number.

    Add 254.

    Double it.

    subtract 3.

    Divide by 1,000,000 and discard the decimal portion.

    If the answer isn't 48 or 49, they're not ex-Army. (Unless they're very old).

    :) :) :)

    Note, this method will cease to work quite shortly.
  5. Is that near the yellow handbag Brewery? :?
  6. So how old is VERY OLD as I come out at 47 and definitely have recollections of having spent lots of time in a khaki suit.?
  7. Everybody but everybody knows the proper answer to the Boathouse question.

    It is:

    How the feck should I know? :)
  8. Older than me is VERY old. VERY old is also knowing what a button stick is from personal experience and remembering buckles on the back of your belt. :wink:
  9. Puttees - I came up with 48 but remember very well button sticks and buckles at the back of the belt - also 37 pattern webbing!!

  10. Sweet Lord, when Centurion was a Rank and not a Tank etc etc blah blah.
  11. So you're VERY old as well then. ;)

    I'm just old, having only seen these items in museums. :p
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Here are some questions you can ask:

    Q1. What regiment or corps they were in.

    If you get a sensible sounding answer go to Q2.

    If they still nudge and wink then they are probably Walts because the regular SAS and the SRR don't recruit directly - that is you have to have been in another unit before you are allowed to go to selection never-the-less persist by asking what they were in before they became SF. If you get sensible answer go to Q2.

    Q2. Feigning an interest in the tribal exotica of the British army ask them what colour pullovers the officers in their regiment wore.

    This is obscure enough for most Walts not to know the answer to but something that most soldiers would not forget.

    Note that while many regiments officers have Regimental coloured pullovers not all do so take the answer at face value and look it up.

    The point about Walts is that they can be quite knowledgeable about whatever it is they're Walting about but really fall down on the more obscure detail.

    You could also ask them about the Rifle 5.56 (the SA 80) and ask them obscure questions like 'how does the forward assist work?' Unless the answer is you just push the bolt forward they are almost certainly walting.

    Having edited this to correct some dreadful grammar I think you should probably stick chatting about the SA80. After all this would be a natural topic of discussion on a range.
  13. Squaddie humour is the way to go.

    Ask "How many nuts are there on a Landrover driving seat?"
  14. Just one, normally driving!!!!
  15. Or you could just ask them what their number was. This is something that no serviceman ever forgets, so if they say they can't remember they're lying.

    For the army, other ranks are eight digits, usually starting 23 or 24. Officers, six digits starting with a 4 or 5. And if they were commissioned from the ranks they should remember both.

    Haven't got a clue about the Navy or RAF.