army or navy?

I have just been told there is a 12-18 month wait to get on cmt course. I have looked on the navy website and have noticed that they are recruiting for medics so i have thsi dilema. If i apply to see if i can get in the navy as a medic how would this affect my army application. I want to go into the army as a cmt but as im now 29 years old do not really want to wait 18 months to start my training. Would the army be pissed if i apply for the navy?
The question is, do you really want to join the Navy? I bet the waiting list for them is much shorter as they are having trouble recruiting and retaining submariner Medical Assistants, who generally have little to do with nurse-like activities.
if its the army you want mate, its no use going in the navy. They are worlds apart and youll hate it.
why dont you go your local TA and see what they can do for you
its not a 12 month w8 m8, its in april time. theres no spaces atm, but on 1st april they get a list of oppenings, theres about 40 coming up for cmt in april,

just do wat you want to do, dont go for second best.
Thanks for all your replies. I think i might have a word with the navy and see what they have to offer. If i do have a interview with the navy how would this affect my army application? The navy and army recruitment office are in the same building. How would the army see me if i did speak to the navy?
Ask and find out but dont be suprised if they wont touch you if you have already started an application with the Army.

Poaching recruits is just not cricket.

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