army or marines?

As someone with a history of Asthma which can be triggered by extreme exercise would your other choice of RE Surveyor not be more appropriate connor?
Yes but is the career path not sometimes a bit slippery and I’ve heard you get can get bit stuck in the same old rut?


cbgramc said:
Yes but is the career path not sometimes a bit slippery and I’ve heard you get can get bit stuck in the same old rut?
That can sometimes be the case. Apparently the job involves going round in circles quite a lot? But there are pros and cons, sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're not.
On the face of it it all sounds good but they will just grind you down and replace you and 9 of your mate randomly, just to get a tick in the box.
Connor said:
Have not yet decided what i want to join, can anyone give me the pro's and cons' of each.

Pro's Women you give money to so they will sleep with you
Con's People who have done/are doing time at her Majesty's pleasure

Hope that clears that up!!

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jk22 said:
The Army has a larger careers guide and the marines is smaller. So do some research you muppet
Quite right, Marines tend to all be under 5'1" tall so they can sneak into tight spaces. Fcuk knows what a 'larger careers guide' means though.
I left Royal Marine training last year, however I regret not staying in a bit longer, but now I'm on track with joining the Army as a CS engineer in the Royal Signals it doesn't bother me.

The Royal Marines are amazing, and show incredible professionalism at what they do, and if I wanted an infantry career I'd most definitely go with the Royal Marines if you want to be with the best. I like the whole way that training is structured, with the 'commando tests' at the end of it, and other benchmarks to reach during training. (Such as gym pass-out, bottom field pass-out etc) The Royal Marine ethos, spirit and brotherhood that they generate through training makes you feel like a real close-knit family and a part of the elite. CTC Lympstone is an amazing place to train too.

Seriously, you have to be a certain type of character to get through the training though and I found that I didn't quite have it when I joined. I didn't want the green beret enough.

However, promotion can be slow in the RM and there is long waiting lists for certain specializations. And if you decide the Royal Marines isn't for you anymore, you can't transfer over to another regiment like you can with the Army.