Army Opticians Form?

heya guys. Im in the process of joining the Army, trying to get into the Infantry. I am currently filling in my medical form and as i sometimes need to wear glasses, it has asked me to fill in the Army Opticians Form. My question is, where is the form? There isnt one in my medical pack. I have been to my local Specsavers and they have recorded my details onto one of their cards. Is this enough or is there a proper form that i need.
If so, does anyone know if i can download the form from the internet.
Any help is greatly appreciated
Did you tell your recruiter that you wear glasses?? If not it wont have been printed off, Go to the office and ask for onebefore ADSC ask for it.


I was asked to provide an optician's report with all my medical info so I went into Specsavers and explained. I was charged £10 or something to get them to get some mug optician to sign a piece of paper verifying my prescription and that it was ok for Army employment.

I don't wear glasses every day, but my right eye is a bit crap at longer ranges so I got some 'nice' army issue specs for shooting and driving with, and a new prescription to boot.

Anyway, go back to Specsavers and they should give you an A4 piece of paper with a signature on it, and that's what they want for the medical info.
I didnt get an optician form in my pack either, gotta go down the office tommorow to collect one. If i didnt state before hand do i still need to go to opticians? Only use my glasses for reading at night.

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