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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Bimbled up to Catterick today with the little one to have a gander at the open day at Marne Barracks.

    From the car park I could see the Army Air Corps tents looking good, new and trendy as fcuk.

    I wandered around to see a floppy in the centre, which was about to take what I assume were a bunch of cadets on a jolly..... There must have been over 2000 cadets there...( A youth organisation made up of volunteer children, who have at an early age expressed an interest in a the military, you don't have to be Ziggy Ziggler to convert that into feet through doors at ACIOs)

    As I got closer to the stall, my disappointment set it... One of the toms who had just performed the longest walk round on a start sauntered back with his mits in his pockets and put his beret on, it had clearly been shaped using a bowser as a manequin doll.

    There was the cool tent, empty!!!!!!!! with a portable tv / video in one corner (switched off) and another group of toms gathered round chewing the fat as people wandered in and out... I attempted to engage them in chit chat but got the overall impression they were NFI.

    Fellas, if you are members, this isn't aimed at getting you in trouble, but for fcuks sake sort your act out....

    More importantly, how good a recruitment tool is AH??? not one to be seen, Dishforth must be ten miles down the road ( Yes I know they are on ops, but surely for one of the biggest recruitment opportunites there is we could manage to summons one......... or failing that a lynx and a shed load of abseilers.

    The Gunner and the Engineers had excellent stands, and the coolest thing they have is a fcukign feild toilet and some sticklebrick........ We have Growbags, aircrew watches, cool as fcuk helicopters and a beret that makes birds lob thier wombs at you....

    Very very poor...... and utterly disappointed.
  2. Who was in charge? Was there an NCO with them?

    I think the AAC still tend to think that the reputation (we have helis, dont need to prove it sketch) will get them flocking in, in their droves. When the Eagles display, it helps. In fact it gets the kids swarming all over the AAC trailer/tent. Not always possible to get them at every fete, open day or visit so we may need to be a bit more proactive as mdn suggests. That is of course if we need to advertise? It seems the only recruiting drive the AAC has at present is in Fiji.
  3. Shame, wish you'd recruited me you barstewards. Although I did bag a trade I spose.
  4. Well,

    I guess with half the Regiment in sunnier places and the other half currently on their final exercise before going to sunnier places there just might be other priorities. Still; sorry sonny, can't get you that operational training today but swan on down to Catterick and dream your day away instead.

    It would be nice to do everything but not always possible i guess,

  5. Saddened that you think the opportunity of some quality recruiting could be deemed as a swan, are you saying that in the entire Corps there wasn't a single servicable airframe and crew that couldn't have rocked up for half an hour to get a few future members fizzing at their bungholes

    I chose 9 Regt as an example, I know exactly how busy they are and I' am far from having a dig

    I don't need to tell you or remind you were the rest of the corps are... I still have a world map with red dots on it, fablonned to my bedside cabinet
  6. “Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” springs to mind.

    Corps/Regiments only seem to worry about recruiting once it has becomes a problem, and as we know, because we are trained well, once the symptom has been recognised it is usually too late (only drinking when you have a headache or yellow p*ss = dehydration).

    Recruiting is a constant; A Corps will ultimately only benefit if it is able to cherry pick, and send the rest to the others. This takes resources at the selling stage.

    We reap what we sow!!!!!
  7. There are many members of the Corps that would love to do these sorts of things however; there is a blanket ban on helicopter attendance at events at the moment from a certain Joint organisation. It is an issue of where the hours are funded too and there isn't an ever ending bag of spares etc.
  8. Not all helicopters - just a certain particularly ugly one. And the ban is crumbling because a particularly neurotic 'anti-aircraft' brigade has decided to put them on flying display against the wishes of said Joint organisation. All one big fcuk up, really. :oops:
  9. Not my department but there is at least one office at DAAvn whom is responsible for recruiting chaired up by a retired Col I believe, Hopefully this will filter onto his desk. I agree, If your going to take part then do it to the full and not as slap dash as it sounds.
  10. Maybe I could have written my winge a little better and made it a tad less negative... I was enraged at how easily and with how little extra effort there could have been a crowd around the corps tent and at the opportunity to put the rest of the Army to shame.

    Flash, ref the PM the tail number of the Gaz was XZ349.... hope that helps your book of numbers :D
  11. methinks the floppy came from the TA, did it have a saltire on the side?
  12. If it had a grey haired 78 year old with a pish bag in lieu of a nav bag then yes, it would have been 7 Regt.

    Mdn, to even have jotted down the tail number, you must be the spotter young fellow me lad. :)
  13. I remembered it whilst recallign the callsign matrix and facilties of a 353 and wearing a regi sweatshirt and Corps thong
  14. Hopefully there will be an AAC presence at the Army in York Open Day again this year.