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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by floppyjocky, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done but I can't remember seeing anything on here. PTP please remove/move/delete if necessary.

    I'm sure a lot on here know someone on the team currently attacking the West Ridge, I have a good friend on it. Definately worth checking the website out and leaving a message of support, what better place to start than a good luck message from Piers Moron himself. As an aside it's interesting to hear him go on about how many relatives he has in the forces.
  2. Yes I was surprised to hear him go on about the number of relatives he has in the army, you would have thought it might have taught him something before he made a complete dick of himself!
  3. Saw the first TV advert showing progress so far on channel 4 today, a good idea from the marketing bods at last.

    All it needs is one of the TA members of the team tasting the scoff and shouting 'More Salt' while his colleages leap from the west ridge on a hanglider to ensure the TA marketing message is maintained...

    But good luck fellas and anyone who wants to leave a message of support (or congratulate the sappers in the team on getting TRF's into every photo!!) can do so using this link Army on Everest Message Link
  4. What annoys me about all this, is that they can send teams up Everest, and of to the poles find people to compete Olympics, yet they have call the TA up to cover the Man Power shortages. I have no objections to these people doing this sort thing, but it must set the budget by quite a large sum and not while the TA are having to be called up.
  5. What annoys me about your post is that you don't seem to have bothered to look at the team website before making your comments. Not only are some of the expedition members TA personnel, but the team as a whole have raised a huge amount of money in sponsorship.

  6. A very apt username.

    Ok, I'll bite...

    the teams have received massive sponsorship from external sources and are acheiving a huge amount of PR for the army.

    Go and read the website and profiles of the team members and you will see that quite a few are actually TA.
  7. Perhaps not the best thought out criticism. Of course there will be a strain on units, but what is the alternative - we all sit in our rooms playing with ourselves? For someone who alludes to having "no problem" with this you certainly seem to be making one. The cost is the cost and they have largely covered it with sponsorship (which is extremely hard to get). Their wgaes and cooitment to units needs to be made up by us left behind, but very few begrudge that and I am sorry if you do, but you need to look at the bigger picture.

    More power to Adv Trg and getting out of the office.
  8. Besides the extremely cost efficient PR benefit it must be a massive recruitment boost. AFAIK the members of the Junior Team (climbing a trekking peak, Island Peak) were not even in the Army when the expedition was first being organised. So they turned up to the Army Foundation College and were told right you lot are off to the Himalayas. Simply Superb.

    Also, you seem to define 'overstretch' as 'the TA being used'. But is this true anymore? I thought the plan is that now the TA will be used regularly as a matter of course.

  9. Having climbed Island Peak (Imja Tse) I can tell you that although technically it is a "Trekking Peak" it requires a degree of committment, luck and ability that will chllenge these young minds. At just over 20,000 feet it is hard work.

    The view from the top - priceless and still in my mind many years later.
  10. No, no Outstanding - I didn't mean 'trekking peak' in a derogatory way at all. I just mean its one of the 20(?) mountains which the Nepalese will allow you to buy a climbing permit for at a reasonable price. I didn't mean trekking as in a hike up Scafell Pike!

    I think its hugely impressive that a dozen of so young mountaineers are going to climb it so early in their climbing career.

  11. Tricam,
    I didnt mean to sound like I was having a go, rather supporting your argument, by saying that although it may sound pish easy, it aint. I think you are spot on re. the recruiting angle, just hope the youngsters enjoy it and get to develop an interest they are allowed to contiune when they get in properly.
  12. I agree, lets cancel all adventure training, sport and certainly social activity. While we're at it, lets forget leave and coffee breaks. Happy yet?

    Of course, we'll still have to call up the TA, BECAUSE IT'S POLICY...............................................
  13. Not exactly good for recruitment is it? At least sending a team up Everest is a more marketable form of character building. Standing in straight lines for long periods of time or bulling dustbins is not the modern Army that people will flock to join.
  14. Wasn´t Everest climbed by the Army back in 1976?I believe one of the team now takes climbers on tours in the Himalayas.

    Maybe the Army likes to keep returning to old conquered places,just to see what the locals are up too!Saddam/IragX2 :p
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Seen the advert on the tv last night. Good luck lads!!!
    Now off to check the website for more gen.