Army Offshore Sailing Team 2008 Season

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by 11D, Feb 19, 2008.

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    The Army Offshore Sailing Team will compete in 2008 on the new Archambault A40RC Racing Yacht "British Soldier� and aims to be an exciting step forward for Army Sailing. With over 50 days of racing currently scheduled every year, this provides an unrivalled opportunity for aspiring and established racing sailors in the Army.

    The 2008 season will be demanding, challenging and rewarding. With British Soldier, the Army Offshore Racing Team is looking for success competing in the majority of major inshore sailing events in the sailing calendar including Cowes Week and Cork Week, this is in addition to competing in the demanding RORC Offshore Series. The team also aims to break into new ground for Army Sailing and attempt selection for the GB Team competing for the Commodores Cup, which represents the highest level of amateur racing at an international level.

    In times of increased work commitments, the need to broaden the pool of experienced and motivated racing sailors who race in the team is greater than ever.

    The first step to becoming involved is to email the Racing Manager with your personal details and racing CV.

    You will be included on future circulations or emails and will be added to the pool of crew from which the crew of British Soldier is selected.

    More information on the 2008 campaign can be found at:


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  2. 11D

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    An Army Race Training weekend will be run and organised by the ASA over the weekend 8 - 9March 2008 at the Army Offshore Sailing Centre, Gosport.

    The aim of this weekend is to build on existing racing experience within Army sailors, and to identify new talent and future crews to race with the Army Offshore Team.

    The training weekend will comprise of shorebased theory and training, followed by practical hands on sailing and tuition afloat. Shorebased training will comprise of tuition on subjects like sail trim and theory, sailing rules, navigation, tactics and electronics.

    The afloat training will cover crew drills, boat handling, race starts and a series of windward leeward races to sharpen up crew drills and add a competitive edge to the training. The afloat training will be observed and coached by experienced offshore coaches, who will shadow in RIBs, before giving daily shore side debriefs.

    Anyone interested in taking part in the training weekend should look on the Army Offshore Sailing Team Website for further information

    [align=center]Army Offshore Sailing Racing News[/align]
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    The Army Offshore Sailing Team and the ASA's new Race yacht British Soldier have recently been selected to represent Team GBR for the Rolex Commodores Cup in July.

    A jolly well deserved pat on the back. Well done to all know who you are :D

    Hopefully this will raise the profile of Army Sailing and general awareness of the Army through participation at a high profile event.

    Please see the RYA press release below. Further info on the team at: Army Offshore Racing Homepage

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    11D Old-Salt

    British Army Offshore Sailing Team group created on facebook for public interest. Group is open group.

    Please visit for news and updates on the team as well as access to the Teams catalogue of pictures taken through the season.

    Contact details and link to website and news stories also on group.
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt