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Having just logged onto the "Official army website I was struck by some of the letters on the main page and how they relate to topics posted on ARRSE. I think someone is rattled ladies and gents but the site is worth reading for amusments sake if nothing else. I note that the Army Continuous Attitude Survey is once again being quoted... who are these people that fill it in and say morale is high??? I think that ARRSE is the new CAS... thoughts anyone?
where are these letters?
Filbert Fox said:
where are these letters?
The links to the letters are in a panel to the right of the page. They are either letters from serving senior officers quoting stats from the CAS (but forgetting to mention the sample size or what percentage of forms were not returned), supporting the official line, or from others supporting the official line. In other words, exactly what you'd expect on the official website.
Had a look at these letters, no mention of ARRSE.

Somewhere else?

British Army trains Iraqi counterparts
32 Iraqi Army personnel trained by British Army instructors.

Very impressive video. Yes, future of insurgency is bleak (or bright if they are hidden insurgents). Anyway they prefer Kalashnikovs.
I cant find ARRSE mentioned at all either.
I am to proof reading as you are to punctuation.
urdygurdy said:
if you read it correctly,it dose not say it mention's arsse,it say's the comment's,and thought's are the same.
what a totally bizarre thread! jeeeesus, we talk about everything thats going on on the planet, why didnt HB start his post with:

HerronBloke randomly said:
Having just spent some time on this earth, looking at things, talking to people, surfing the net, reading papers and watching the news I was struck by some of the things that are going on and how they relate to topics posted on ARRSE.
Regardless of the original purpose of this thread (sorry), I looked at that page and counted the number of times the word "modernise" or "modernisation" (the nastiest NuLabSpik buzzword of all) on it. Any Guesses?

Three, plus three "harmonisations" and one "streamlining".

Bullsht is a wonderful aid to Government.

Just an observation...


I was trying to raise the issue that some of the comments being made by the press are clearely as a result of postings and attitudes shown by serving soldiers on this site and not the other way round. The army tries to refute said claims with the usual nu labour spin and by using an unrepresentative attitude survey. I was merely trying to point out that the postings made on ARRSE (Ie regarding political show trials, low moral etc) are now being picked up elsewhere. The CAS is merely a sop designed to make it look as if our opinions count. The reality is, ARRSE provides a more realistic reflection of the state of morale etc in the army and maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere is worried that we are collectively hitting the nail on the head a lot more than is comfortable for both the MOD and the Government. If my use of English was incorrect then I apologise, at least I don't have to resort to rudeness to distract attention away from a low intellectual capacity like some on this site.

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