Army Officers quit in record numbers - So, what eh, PM?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Mick Smith in the Sunday Times writes up a subject discussed widely on ARRSE over the last two years.

    Times Online webpage

    Will somebody please explain in small words to the Prime Minister and the still (as in does nothing) part-time SoS Defence just how terrible these figures are.

    I fully expect to see Brown, Browne, Ainsworth or Twigg later today, rubbishing the figures, reaffirming their commitment to the Armed Forces and telling anyone who will listen, how everything is okay and how we are increasing defence spending year on year.

    Too late Gordon & Co. Your stewardship of the Armed Forces and understanding of the issues is without precedent in modern history.

    If only a general election had been called in October - but the current administration could probably see then the sheer voume of bad news they would have to bury during the campaign.
  2. Our 'glorious leader', elected by the Labour Party, not the people, and charged with the stewardship of this Nation's security, is ineptly stumbling from one defence and security crisis to another like a blind drunk having a stroke on a bouncy castle!

    The last Tsar of All the Russias was more in touch with his Armed Forces than Gordon Brown, who I sincerely hope will resign to spend more time with his family at the earliest possible opportunity!

    Thank god only officers can quite so easily or this Nation’s defence would be in the hands of the Captains of our Trident carrying submarine fleet!
  3. Your not wrong, he will say that he has seen figures which show that morale is as high as it can be, defence spending is up and he has enormous respect and gratitude for the Armed Forces!

    We all know that he is a lying c*nt and i dont trust a word he says, any man that can spend more on foreign schools than his own nations defence is a to**er!
  4. I guess this is what Dannat meant by broken.
  5. the forces, like other public departments, is being screwed. Doctors, teachers, policemen, soldiers etc...the govt (and largely the public) doesn't give a fcuk until it directly affects them.... the bloke in the street who is in i'm a celebrity get me out of here, or the latest story line in corrie/enders they'll give you an accurate dit....ask them to name 2 of the 5 former CDSs whjo lambasted the govt and they'll look at you blankly....

    sadly comrades, it was ever thus, you think we've got it bad? chat to our fathers generation who fought in korea and aden...they'll tell you the same
  6. One of the great dilemma for the Army is that the whole ethos is to be cheerful in adversity and to crack on with the kit that is available. That is what professionalism, leadership and pride is all about. Thus if you ask a soldier in an operational theatre if he is *happy* he will say it's magic and he is there to do a job. The worse the conditions are - the less likely he is to give a straight answer. This stoic endurance is right at the heart of what makes the British soldier a great asset. BUT: To confuse those types of apocraphyl exchanges with evidence of real satisfaction / high morale is madness.
  7. Target. Stop.
  8. The worm is turning and it isn't pretty. Such a shame because we will never have such valuable (yet undervalued and taken for granted by this Government) qualities again.
  9. I strongly believe that the proliferation of military appointments in MoD Main, and other MoD support organisations, has contributed towards the current Govt perception that outflow of officers is not a problem.

    I am sure that this supposed parity between civil servants and military, and the infiltration of MSF appointments by both CS and external candidates, has given rise to the belief that these officers are easily replaceable.

    In addition the persistent gapping of mil posts without any apparent effect and the fact that the MoD has dealt with all budgetary cuts through a salami-slicing' approach, rather than going back to the Treasury and asking 'which of these capabilities do you wish to permanently remove, has contributed to the current crisis.

    The effect is a hollowing out of capability, both in manpower, equipment and doctrinal terms, and although the apple (Defence) still looks very shiny and healthy on the exterior, the worm (Treasury) has ensured that the core has virtually gone and the chances of re-seeding the tree (Forces) diminishing by the day.
  10. The phrase *salami slicing* has been a cry for at least 30 years.
  11. Bit, like an avalanche, is it possible to stop the slide now it is happening? What would convince someone that being prepared to risk thier lives is no longer worth it to change their minds?

    We do not do it for cash or baubles but for personal reasons of self worth, being valued by our peers and personal pride. Once an individual has decided the country cannot repay the sacrifice, how can we keep that person in? Money won't do it, platitudes and suddenly brave peers won't help.

    For me, having come to the very hard decision that the time is right to leave, and made that leap of faith, telling friends and family I am going NOTHING would now undo the damage.

    Perhaps we write off my generation and concentrate on young Captains and Lieutenants - they are the future. Enough mediocre Majors and Colonels will sty to muddle through, get the best and brightest working on keeping tomorrows COs engaged.
  12. Ooooh, that's good. You'll go far (if you havent done so already).
  13. You've hit the nail on the head RF. I sacked it recently and am now earning much less than I was a few months ago having decided enough's enough - but the job satisfaction & sense of being valued in my new civvy career makes that OK. Which is why I used to love being a soldier.

    Nobody (in their right mind) soldiers for the money - which is why it's a vocation not just a job. No wonder career politicians with snouts in the trough - and massive personal agendas - can't identify with the military ethos.
  14. Disagree slightly. Politicians are already set up for life, yet they seem to enjoy hanging around making our lives a misery.
  15. Think everyone that has posted is in general support of the point being made.

    Anyone care to illustrate what this actually means in terms of their operational experience / impact on Ops, etc?

    Or, is the wearing of multiple hats now so endemic as to hide over-stretch?