Army officers living off base/ barracks?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Wheats, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Hello I'm just wondering if its possible for an army officer to live off base with a small family?

  2. He can live where he wants. Just might cost him a bit more.
  3. Would this "small family" be 30 yo mother with 2 teenage daughters? If so I'd keep it quiet.
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  4. Drivers_lag

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  5. I suppose it would depend whether or not the small family had a spare room and thought him suitable lodger material.

    I don't have a small family, so am unable to help.
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  6. How tall are you? May look a bit strange.
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  7. Well, I lived 'off-base' as you call it for my entire career as an officer in the British Army, but the 'small family' I lived with was my own.

    I'd offer the opinion that having a living-in officer in the midst of the family could be a mixed blessing, rather like watching your mother-in-law driving over a cliff in your new Ferrari. If he be agéd, in the manner of many who come to their commission somewhat later in life, and therefore modest in his habits [especially where the consumption of alcohol and enjoying company of the female pursuasion of a certain age] then he might be useful at breakfast time doing the Times crossword, if applicable, or jollying on the kiddies ere they step their way to school.

    However, if he be of a raucous, rumbustuous and electrifyingly lively nature, as many young officers tend to be, then his continued presence in the family home might be open to some doubt.

  8. Shirley if the family is small enough you could keep them on base? Kids in a desk drawer, Mum tucked up in the Regimental Silver. That kind of thing. I imagine you'd be able to squirrel away crumbs of cheese from dinner to keep them fed. Just keep your fingers crossed the Adj doesn't find out.
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  9. If he can find a small family with a spare room, he should be OK. Might help out with any bedroom tax problems. A win/win situation.
  10. Typing abuse - no need for any of those apostrophes! Plural not possessive.
  11. I'd still keep it quiet. even if she has only 1 teenage daughter then as soon as you take her on camp because you're not married not only is she fair game but is a sought after prize. And don't think the CO/ Adj aren't waiting in the wings to pounce. Could be awkward.
  12. Can you clarify if you are;

    A) a small family wanting an officer?


    B) an officer seeking adoption?

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  13. Such things are possible young Jedi.

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  14. Going to have to let you down gently, the Borrowers dont exist, you cant be there human bean. Poddington Peas, Smurfs, Chortle and the Wheelies (hello der dittle dold lady!), Parsley and Mr Spoon dont exist, I blame the TV myself.

  15. It's perfectly possible. As long as you have formalised your relationship through either marriage or civil partnership then DIO will pay for all the necessary adaptations.