Army Officers could be fast tracked in to Police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    not really - a few accountants wouldnt go amiss - but we can fast track half the raf officer corps and at least 1200 colonels into the pcso's
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  2. The first part - yes. Capts & Majors. They have experience in dealing with people, situations and decision making. They're young enough, and flexible enough to learn new things. They also fit in. Every ex officer I met in the OB was the dogs bollox and had their troops support. No flapping, no ducking and diving, no worries. Water off a ducks back. I hope they go for it. Just be wary of those on the outside comparing this with the 'troops to teachers' thing. They're bugger all alike. As for learning 'policing by consent' from the shop floor (some fed Rep is quoted on that issue), balls. Some coppers still haven't learned what this means and some of them have done in excess of 15 years.
  3. I would like to see ex Army officers given the chance but sadly i dont think this would work. They would soon become bogged down in paperwork, health & safety legislation, human rights of both the public and Constables and would soon find out they had not entered a discilpined organization which would ultimately drive them mad. They would soon conform to creating yet even more paperwork and waste.
  4. Sort of contradicts their ,already in place, graduate fastrack scheme.

    I think fastrack entry to our police should be linked to armed forces resettlement packages.
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  5. not sure our very senior officers have exactly covered themselves in glory in the first role
    although someone might say they'd be prefect fit with senior police officers.
  6. This was first spouted 2 years ago - same old bollocks!
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  7. I think on the whole, a tough and intelligent Company Commander or 2IC, who's lead a platoon through Basra, commanded a company in Helmand (and learned a common sense approach to all the disciplinary, admin and welfare problems in barracks) will make a much better middle level cop than some of the shite currently doing the job.

    Whether they'll have the necessary lattitude to apply their knowledge and experience is a separate issue. The police force (sorry, service) is in a mess.
  8. For a historical precedent you can't go far wrong citing the 'Black and Tans' of Ireland... a significant number being ex Officers (albeit commissioned from the ranks, so neither fitting with the post war h'occifer crowd nor the rank and file).
  9. I thought the coppers were laying almost as many people off as we are?
  10. The main problem in the police is that police work is difficult. In order to prove 'beyond reasonable doubt' is not considered by many people until it applies to them. Unless you have video evidence backed up by a score of clergy a conviction could be 'unsafe'. Other factors are also considered before a prosecution is undertaken. The profusion of ranks which do not actively engage in basic police work (largely inspectors and above) means that they seek gimmick policies to achieve promotion.
    Men who are used to being given clear objectives and who work in co-ordination instead of competition wth other arms will find it difficult to work in the chaos of the contemprary uk police.
    The government need to work out exactly what it wants the police to do and then live with it.
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  11. Is this really going to be a good thing?
  12. Why do you think not?

    I can see some pros and some cons
  13. I can see where a purely administrative management post (or posts) in a non uniform capacity can be filled by non Police. But what's so special about Army Officers in this role? All the good things about Army officers are the same as the good things about senior Police officers.
    Sadly all the bad things are the same. You might as well say "Senior Police officers to run Army."
    It won't work. By the time they're trained up you might as well used someone who knows what he is doing. (In of course a perfect world)

    You don't have senior Nurses or Doctors running hospitals. You have trained administrators.