Army officer with a speech impairment?

Basically ... Been wanting to be an officer ( hopefully infantry platoon officer ) in the army for a while , still at school for the moment . But I have a slight speech impairment . Is there any chance of me being an officer or is all hope lose and I may as well die in a hole? Honesty will be appreciated , even if you say it won't work out I'll still go for it anyway , but just want to know your opinions . Cheers.
Ccccccccccccan yyyyyyyyyou be mmmmmore spspspspecific about your impppppppppedimmmmment pppppppplease?
Interesting point, that: if you were really that blessed to suffer from Tourettes AND a hare-lip, would 248's comment sound something like 'Fup, buddah, buddah, fup'?

Trouble is, the chaps in the Mess would then call you '2-Stroke'. Or something equally cutting.
It isn't that bad of a speech impairment though, it's not like one here you don't understand **** all the person is saying . And I can survive a bit of slagging


What did the ACIO bloke say?
I developed a similar problem, I found I was unable to pronounce Th or F. I consulted my doctor and he said "You can't say fairer than that then".

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