Army Officer to Royal Marine Officer

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Krankenschwester, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    On successful completion of RMAS, I know officer have the opportunity to do the AACC to earn the green beret (something i'd love to do but will probably be too scared to), but I'm just wondering, can you become a bona fied RM officer having trained as an army officer via RMAS?

    I'm sure it's been done in history...

  2. Yes you can do it.

    First of all resign your commission,then apply to the Royal Marines.

    After completing all the basics,you then have to pass the Admiralty Board in order to given a place at Dartmouth.

    Upon successful completion of that,you are an officer in the Royal Marines.

    Easy? :lol:

    edited due to mongness!
  3. Not wishing to be pedantic but are we talking RM or RN?
  4. You can opt to transfer but you have neither the guarantee of acceptance or that you seniority will be transferred. There are, however, numerous opportunities for Army officers to be attached to one of the 3 Cdos via Regtl affiliations, eg 5 SCOTS
  5. RM Officer course is run at Lympstone, not Dartmouth.
  6. Egad Krankenschwester (Krankz), from what I've seen so far you're considering (or were) quite an eclectic possibility of roles? Or I am just making things up - again?

    If you wanted to go into the Royal Marines wouldn't it just be better to not bother with RMAS and just go for the Officer's Training Course at Lympstone?
  7. Wrong, all of it, sorry.

    As said Lympstone it the Training Centre.

    Aaaaaah crap did not see the Easy? bloody lol bit at the end. doh

    (Incidentally you can actually become a Royal Marines Officer by passing the AACC, serving with distinction with the RM and they will offer you a commission without the full YO or SOLE training (Obviously you have to be commissioned already))
  8. Krankenschwester, you have about as much chance of gaining a commission in either the Army or the Royal Marines, as I have of breaking the world land speed record on a spacehopper.
  9. March_Hare I don't want to be an RM officer, I just wondered if officers, who can transfer corps within the army structure, can transfer between services, particularly as the RM and Army are closely related.

    samdmanfez - what you on about?
  10. Ah, I see. Typical. Getting things wrong is my penchant.

    As for what sandmanfez said, well, you're not truly an Arrser until someone else takes a disliking to you for no real reason. Well done.
  11. In 1986, Sandmanfez made a valiant,although unsuccessful attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

    Such was the disappointment that to this day Sandmanfez and his space hopper Grahame are still not on speaking terms.
  12. Hurrrummph, pardon (burps and chokes)

    Research dear boy, research

    (Oh and language)

  13. I hear Grahame is doing well for himself these days. He got over the whole sorry affair and earnt himself a commission.
  14. This is all lofty ARRSEguistics I dont understand. Im too new.

    I've never been in the OTc, TA, Cadets, etc have my options open but RM officer is definitely not one of them, I don't have that 'state of mind' as they say.