Army Officer to AAC at Sandhurst Advice, Interview, MAP


Hi Guys

I have passed all the initial assessments eg residency, education and medical. Last night I was assigned a CSM who I have yet to speak to. I was wondering if anybody else will be starting out at Sandhurst as an officer? Who's interested in joining the AAC branch?

I have a friend in the Royal Air Force, who should be graduating this July after completing his 44 week IOT course at Cranwell.

Is the selection and recruitment completely different for the Army?
What kind of questions can I expect at the interview?
Is it a panel based interview or one-to-one?
Where can I practice for the Aptitude Tests?

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated :)


IOT is not 44 weeks. RMAS is, Cranwell is a lot shorter.

"I was wondering if anybody else will be starting out at Sandhurst as an officer?" Probably about another 160 people given the current recruiting stats...
Have a good plan B. The AAC is notoriously difficult to get into as you also have to pass flying grading if you want to be a pilot. They have their pick of the litter.

Selection for OISC and AOSB are similar, but also different (helpful) as they look for different things with AOSB reportedly being harder.

Interviews at AOSB are one on one and the questions are about the military and your motivation for other stuff.
You can practise the MAP test, but it's meant to be done without. Go and attend the briefing and see how you are naturally, then work on the points they tell you to.

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