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Hi this is my first post.
I have applied for the army 6th form scholarship and have recived a letter back from my officer laison in the area.
But i am in yr11 at school and my birthday is july 24th but the cut off for the summer intake is to be born in the 1st of july. This means i will be applying at the spring intake in 2010 meaning by the time i reach the time i get ever the (optomist) the scholorship i will be at the end of my 1st year at 6th form.
If anyone can help it would be good thanks
A long long time ago I went through the same process. (Didn't get through but never mind, eh!)
I could not possibly tell you what the process is now, but it seems to me that you need to speak to the liaison officer who has written to you.
Discuss your concerns with them and they can point you in the right direction. It may be that if the dates and timings do not work for you, then the scholarship route is not for you. However there are many other routes to join as a rodney. When I went through it, they were only taking 45 scholarships a year so you have to have a plan B. By which I mean, don't give up if you don't get a scholarship.
If you are officer material then you will get in by one route or another.
Talk to the people in the know.
Good Luck

Oh, and by the way, start as you mean to go on and decide now that your future lies in the Royal Artillery.
help you in what way - move your birthday?!

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