So I'm wondering about potential regiment choices. I was thinking a Helicopter Pilot Officer in the AAC, however I have been researching and have read that a flying career lasts around five years. I've also heard the reg is also difficult to get into, but I haven't totally ruled it out.

Can someone give me information on a officer infantry role; is it all just train for deployments and office work. I've been thinking on regiments such as the Fusiliers, Coldstream Guards and possibly the Rifles. Anyone have any experience in these regiments?

I know this sounds pretty thoughtless but I'm struggling with choices. I'm going to try and arrange fam visits, can anyone advise me how to do this? And does the army fund travelling.


I presume you've already started your application? If not then you're getting a little ahead of yourself. Your NRC chap will help arrange 2-3 familiarisation visits for you, the army will cover the transport costs of these. You can also arrange your own independently by contacting regiments.

The good thing about the AAC is that you'll have no problem getting a job if you leave the army. There is lots of information available on what infantry officers do day to day.

I can't give you any more advice as I've not reached the fam visit stage yet myself.


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You know what I looked for and didn't find in your post? Any reference at all to soldiers or commanding them. Just saying.

For now, sort out familiarisation visits, which are not exclusively for your benefit, nota bene - and concentrate on getting through AOSB and then doing well at Sandhurst.

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