army officer pilot??

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by guitarwillie, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I wanted to be an army air corps officer pilot, but was put off by the idea of only flying 1 or maybe 2 tours of duty. Is this true?
    Also what is meant by joing the aac as an attachment, when you reach the rank LT? Does this mean you can go back to your original corps once flying the 1/2 tours of duty?

  2. Strongly recommend that you post this to the AAC/Aviation forum.

  3. I'll answer this in fairly simple terms, as it's rarely as straightforward as it may at first appear.

    Hi, yes it's true if you mean that you will complete 1 or 2 flying tours followed by a staff job posting (which will happen wherever you join the Army) and then later returning to flying as a Sqn OC. If you are unsuccessful on the course you will be given the option of leaving the Army or moving to another Arm or Corps.

    What this means is that you join another Corps or Army and then later in your career apply for flying training. If you successfully pass selection and the course you will then complete a tour attached to the AAC and you may then either apply to transfer or return to your original unit.

    First and foremost you will be joining the Army as an officer and not a pilot whichever option you choose.
  4. I'm speaking under correction here.

    What Sam said is right. When you think about it you spend your first Minimum service as 7 years by the end of that you should be a Captain (hopefully). So think about it you will be second in command of about 120 soldiers, you aren't much help to them if you are in the air flying around all day long.
  5. In the current climate, being in charge of 120 soldiers would make you a Lt Col Commanding Officer!

    Tyr, what do you base your experience on?


    Flash work in the middle

  7. Sorry, youve lost me. Can you clarify where the 'Mibble' is? Is it just out side Milton Keynes?