Army Officer Insight Course 16-18

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by CitySlicker, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Saw my ACA today (I'm a 15 year old) and was given a form for one of these courses, it's a 5 day course, has anyone been on one and if so how useful was it? Unfortunately think that I am away on a rugby tour during the only possible date.

    How useful was this course and what were the typical activities/ what happened? I wasn't given much information on it. In groups of 10 apparently on the course?
  2. Can't comment on it, but I think I'm booked on the same one: I got the impression that it's mostly physical stuff, but there are some other bits like command tasks and planning exercises.
  3. There were 3 on the sheet I was given but the only realistic one is in July and the other is in term time or when I am not 16 yet, shame I will be missing it because of rugby!
  4. I ran one when I was a much younger depends how much you want to be an Officer - it gives you an insight to daily life, gives you a chance to meet people that are currently serving and can be a good way for you to ask questions to the right people (i.e. not recruiters who may give you a slightly different answer).

    But, if you'd rather play rugby....
  5. It's a tour to Canada, it's hardly something that could be considered to make me not committed!
  6. I should have said (being a rugby player) that a once in a lifetime tour, playing at a high level will also be a brilliant experience. See if you can do some fam visits instead later on. Good luck
  7. I am going on the one In august, any tips or info? :)
  8. It's for you to see the army, but don't forget that it's a chance for the army to see you. get stuck in, be yourself (or not if you think there is something you need to work on). Get as much as you can from it - it could shape some major decision making.
  9. I'm going to one in July tooooo! Bramcote?
  10. I've been on one, last year at pirbright. Basically you do 2 pfa's, a 24 hour exercise, some FIBUA, go in the DCCT, have a night at the officers mess (bring a suit), mine had raft building, plan ex, some presentations and a presentation we had to give on current affairs. Nothing too formal really, just a nice insight and a good laugh!