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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Joker11225, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Joker11225

    Joker11225 Crow

    Hi Guys,

    I am hoping to Join the Royal Signals as an officer and I have an AOSB in February and a familiarisation visit at Blandford in January. I'm filling out the CV which as far as I'm aware will be most of the basis for the interviews. I'm now stuck on the last question which is as follows:

    Please outline briefly your major achievements to date, any difficulties overcome, any lessons learnt and any emotions felt.

    I'm probably being really stupid but I'm not really sure how to answer this one.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Sentinel89

    Sentinel89 Clanker

    I think this is a great question for them to ask, it really shows them who you are.

    My advise is to just answer the damn question! Simple as that, what would you say are your major achievements? Seriously? Think, what pops into your head? An honest answer might come across better later in the interview than a constructed one. If you write something down and then your interviewed and put under a bit of pressure to answer quickly, you might give different answers to the same question and they may wonder why.

    Thinking with my head I would say things like getting my degree was a major achievement, but I have been asked point blank before and came out with breaking my boxing coaches nose (who promptly floored me after) and doing my first 10k run as major achievements (which are not exactly Olympic golds but have to admit I am damn proud of them as they where bloody hard to achieve at the time)
  3. Silent_Scope

    Silent_Scope Old-Salt

    Oh look at you with your Cat 2, 3 months...I got a Cat 2, 12, but at least I go to the board an adult now!

    When is it you deferral expires? We may even find ourselves on the same board.

    With regards to your CV, did you not have to have that done for your briefing? It was a while ago now but I'm pretty sure I answered that question & similar to be sent on to Westbury.
  4. Sentinel89

    Sentinel89 Clanker

    It expired awhile ago actually, but I always planned to take my board in the middle of next year and then take an entry a little after, no rush to start I plan to spend a life time in there any way.

    Honestly not sure, I have not done the board paperwork yet, but it certainly was on the briefing paperwork.
  5. Silent_Scope

    Silent_Scope Old-Salt

    Ah right, well I think I'm going to contact my ACA and try and get myself booked on the earliest board after my deferral expires. I'm keen to get that out of the way so I can at least have an idea of what I've got ahead of me, whether it's a pass and Sandhurst or a fail and a different career.

    Good luck anyway