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Ive been left a little in the dark with my officer application and every question i give seems to get a minimalistic and vague response from the Army.

Before i ask the question (which is only a simple one) i will explain what stage i am at with the application.

I have handed in the application.
I have had a short interview with a retired colonel at Imphal Barracks York, where he went over the application with me and showed me a video about the Briefing and Board and he told me i should go away and have a plan (either go to Uni or get work experience abroad he suggested at)
He organised a visit to Deepcut Camberley barracks because the retired colonel put me down for joining RLC as an officer since i am in TA as RLC currently.

I am here...

I have the 2 day visit to deepcut this month and then i am starting Uni this September and joining the UOTC at the uni but apart from that i dont know what happens with the application, im hoping to find out on this visit.
I dont know when my briefing is, i dont know when my board is.

My question is this:
Do you think this trip to deepcut will be the briefing weekend? and should i dress smart? shirt and tie smart?
Does anyone know what i will do on this weekend if it isnt the briefing weekend?

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Rob Spurr


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The Briefing weekend will take place at Westbury the visit to Deepcut will be the RLC showing you what they do and how they live, a familiarisation visit, to convince you to join them when and if you gain a commission.

As for dress, you should recieve joining instructions in the post as to what you will be required to take with you, these instructions will also outline the events to occur over the two days. Dress will invariably be smart; shirt and tie, smart trousers and smart shoes as a minimum though you should if possible wear a suit as (not completly sure on this) it is compulsory to wear a jacket while eating in the Mess, well was for the Light Division.

Hope this is of some use to you and good luck,
I not i.


Very helpful thanks, all i needed the army to tell me really but they seemed reluctant for some reason
A small suggestion:

If you are going to University and joining the OTC, go on any Fam visits that are offered to you now, but hold off on any commitment until you have done a year or so with your new unit.

OTCs are designed to recruit and therfore you will have a better idea of what you are facing and where you want to go.

Good luck!

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