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Just been watching telly and saw an advert for Army Officer. It s the one where a convoy led by a L/R with a female officer in looses a pallet of ammo of the back of a DROPS.
Not a good advert for Army Drivers, loosing part of a load is well embarrassing at the best of timesand of course unprofessional!!!
What I find a little unreal is her calm attitude and the speed at which she reaches a decision to leave the said pallet of ammo. Yes I realise that there may be some possible enemy activity by the flash of whatever it was, so why wasnt there any all round defence or at least top cover up? Does she not realise the mountain of statements she and her troops are going to have to right for the loss of a pallet?
Also why was the Warrior behind the L/R, have L/Rs now been fitted with chain guns and porper armour (not the stuff you see in Iraq), correct me if im wrong but doesnt arour go at the front of a convoy.
Question...... Are the soldiers real soldiers or are they actors? The reason I ask is because the older soldier adverts with the signaller, engineer and driver were all real soldiers, if she is a real soldier I would like to meet her cause she aint bad looking for a young troopie.
The soldiers are real (or at least some are) as a SNCO friend of mine is in the ad and he told me about the wonderful weekend in Wales he had to work to film it. Apparently some are TA too.
They are TERRIBLE adverts, and are not at all inspiring!!

Just a question: Is the army that short of officers that it warrants a series of individual adverts directed specifically aimed at recruitment??
Speedy said:
The soldiers are real (or at least some are) as a SNCO friend of mine is in the ad and he told me about the wonderful weekend in Wales he had to work to film it. Apparently some are TA too.
I didn't realise there was so much acting talent in the army!!! How wonderful.

MORE PEPPER!!! :twisted:
She isn't even RLC (i could be wrong though)
Would you let your drivers of drops vehs go out without being strapped down
What a waste of money. Could have been better spent on getting new vehicles 8O
some of the radio ads are far more dodgy
how come the females voice is different? is the ad saying, come to rmas and we'll 'make you talk proper'? I mean, fair enough. Also, does anyone know if she exists? Militarily speaking.


Maybe a TV advert of a soldier in No 2's standing in the dock.... "Join the Army, If we don't get you killed, we'll prosectute you for war crimes!" Certainly a little bit more realistic than the current spate of advert.
Way to go!

Could I suggest that the Army save itself £3m on the next TA recruiting campaign and give the lad who produced this an all expenses paid trip to the Firepower demo?

I haven't seen this advert, however, if it is an advert for female RLC officers does it allude to the opportunity to shag your Seniors? Does it mention that you don't have to do any phys and that your sole contribution to mess life is a well stocked selection of chick flicks on DVD?

You would have thought that after the classic performances of the blokes in the Imber Village Law of Armed Conflict training vid ('he killed smudge, sarge!') the army would have been put off using real soldiers in acting roles for the rest of eternity!
A few years ago my nick was used to make a film about preventing deaths in custody, a mixture of vaguley familiar actors and real old bill was used.

In all cases the real old bill looked flustured and ill at ease doing things they do everyday whilst the actors carried the whole thing off like Bill regulars ........... :p

It's hosted by google (and it works). The problem is at your end.

As far as I know the female Officer is serving, I don't think she is RLC though.

I will make some enquiries.

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