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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. I now know that i should have posted elsewhere.
    The prank was good & funny and perhaps i should have left it at that.
    And not posted it it in the NAAFI for all to take the piss!!
  2. If you're ex Army you wouldn't even ask because you'd have a sense of humour. Ex RAF? Surprised you haven't started to sue already.

  3. Well you are obviously not dead, so it can't have been that harsh.

    What was it????
  4. This wins my prize for the most pointless post of the day/week/month, etc.

    "Something happened to me. Do you think they were being mean?"

    Tell us what, at least we can join in by laughing at you for a reason, rather than just thinking you are just a crab-twat!
  5. Depends on who you work for, if you are a private sector worker just man up and get on with life whilst planning your revenge. If you work in the public sector even someone looking at you in a funny way is harrassment and you should immediately sue for every penny the taxpayer has got.
  6. If you've not been gang raped or tortured with rusty nails its just a prank.
  7. Was it as "terrible" as this?

    1987. I was one one of very few men in a Nottinghmshire Inland Revenue office

    On the phone to a taxpayer I was deep in argument. A, fit, female colleague opposite was wearing a short sleeved blouse.

    She stood up and through the material released the catch on her (i was to find out) front opening bra

    She then put her hand up one sleeve and pulled the shoulder strap over out of the sleeve and off her arm

    She then did the same the other side and pulled the bra out of the arm of her blouse, passed it to a colleague, who then put it on my head as the rest of the team laughed. All while I was sat with a semi and continuing to argue.

    Was it harrassment? I didn't really care to be honest. Certainly never complained. Not even when I found a pair of (clean) knickers in my desk top filing pad under "K"
  8. Sue, yes someone mentioned that, i just thought they were mentioning a co-worker in the same building.
    Perhaps i can get a few £k out of the MoD!;-)
  9. did it involve an oxy-aceteline torch and threats to vapourise the RSM?
  10. Are you going to tell us what this boyish prank was, or do we have to beat it out of you?
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Who the fuck is Sue?
  12. Alice's sister?
  13. Your boyfriend. Jukey - dig it out of him what happened, so we can see if it is actually funny or not. Be a mate.
  14. err, yep, it's here somewhere, nope, hang on a minute, "HEY, HAS ANYONE GOT THE LINKY FOR THE ONLINE " HURT FEELINGS REPORT"?

    If not, fella, nip down to the padre's office tomorrow and have a chat and a cuppa.
  15. Should have been!

    It was harmless fun & nothing to go OTT over......should have posted it a more sensible forum & not the NAAFI.