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Army offers bursaries to boost recruitment

It is the first time the army has offered bursaries to private soldiers, although it already offers scholarships to officer candidates and children of officers. The move is one of several initiatives intended to address a shortage of manpower in some army trades and regiments.
Do the Army offer scholarships to the children of Officers and not Soliders? Or is this a confusion, on behalf of the Guardian, over what is available to the Pads Brats?

I would have thought this move is to attract the more intelligent and quallified recruits, given that there are more and more jobs becoming more technical.

Afterall there are more and more soldiers graduating, either for work or just for sh1ts and giggles.
Afterall there are more and more soldiers graduating, either for work or just for sh1ts and giggles
Presumably a large part of the reason for that being connected with the proliferation of decidedly dodgy "degrees" in sports management, dress making, knob polishing and surfing?

As far as employers are concerned nowadays, it is an open secret that any degree earned in any subject after 1995 without a language or a scientific/technological or mathematical bias should be viewed with general suspicion. Cheaper if the army offered subsidised degrees over the internet, we need a few more "graduates" in media studies, social work and edyoucayshun. Not.

To be fair, this particular incentive doesn't look half bad, though
The scheme, which mirrors the American model where many join up to acquire qualifications, will offer £1,000 to those who sign up but first wish to study courses in areas useful to the armed forces, such as IT and engineering.

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