"Army of the People" - TA on ops

Hackle Wrote

Major piece in today's Sunday Times magazine. Link - TIMESONLINE
Army of the people
Report by Philip Jacobson

Andy Foster sells houses. And he fights in Iraq. He’s one of thousands of virgin soldiers — part-timers who lack previous frontline experience. Now they’re shoring up our dwindling regular army

A week or two before Christmas, about 800 members of the Territorial Army (TA) found a buff official envelope among the greetings cards on the doormat. It contained formal notification that they were being called up for duty in Iraq, attached to the regular army brigade that will take over responsibility for the British-controlled southern sector in April. Many of these part-timers would effectively become frontline combat troops....
What a wonderful article well done Hackle for pointing it out

good story in the Times, a bit of creative reporting (thats the paps for you though):

Times on Line said:
An AK-47 round hit him in the stomach: covered in blood, his entrails spilling out
although a very nasty and totally life threatening wound, his entrails werent 'spilling out'.

Great article though, sheds a very good light on the TA and their bloody hard work out in Iraq.

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