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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ronbo, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone come across this charity? Recently a friend of mine was approached by someone selling raffle tickets on behalf of this charity in Dundee. When he declined and said he was a SSAFA Caseworker he received a torrent of abuse.

    As an aside this friend spent 40 years in uniform as a regular and NRPS.

    The charity is registered in England and the Charity Commissioners of Scotland say you do not have to be registered in Scotland but you must have a licence to sell raffle tickets.
  2. Theres been a thread on them recently - try the search box - otherwise another Arrser might be able to point you to the thread
  3. Thank you for your reply. I've checked the thread and it appears someone else is unhappy with them.

  4. Sadly, unless they answer emails, telephone calls or post on CC up to date and relevant accounts we have no idea what they are doing. Suffice it to say that the web site now, at least, admits it only gets 25% of raffle funds raised, of that 25% we have no idea how or where it is spent. The web site remains obscure about who they are and what they do and does not provide any level of comfort for donators that this is a worthwhile cause; still the choice is yours.
  5. Lets just say, watch what you are saying unless you have some proof of wrongdoing.
  6. Ronbo. Re your post at 22.03 mate. Have a trawl through the system and you will see many thoughts/opinions/general remarks made by people who have come across them in town/city centre's/malls etc. A lot of digging has been done on them including enqs made with the C.C. A lot of people in this audience have their own suspicions about A of A and their general manner. Check them out and make your own mind up.
  7. In my opinion they are thieving bastards using wounded soldiers to cream money off people. As an example, they stated that people will get a free parachute jump (tandem) if they raise more then £395 for charity. So it was ascertained that the £395 would pay for the parachute jump and anything above that would then actually go to charity. So yes, the parachute jump would be free to the person raising the money for charity, but £395 of that would not go to charity. Now a little bit of research shows that tandem jump costs around £250. So IMHO I think they teamed up with the parachute company to split the profit between the parachute company and themselves.

  8. I think maybe you give them too much credit, why would they split anything with the parachute company! They pay the company the required £180 - £250 and just pocket the rest.

    Just a thought.
  9. It is the same problem with so many charities and the adventures offered by them, free holidays, free experience of a lifetime and little or no money going to the cause. The little that does go to the actual charity can then be used in any way the charity wishes, so all could be used on administration, salaries or marketing costs.

    The GBP2.50 ticket cost in the AoA raffle is in fact GBP1.875 to the sales agent and 62.5 pence to the charity, of this amount we simply do not know how or where it is spent. But paying that much to a fund raiser (sales agent), with no message, no control over type of person employed and how they go about the collecting, simply makes no sense to me.

    It is a bit like saying, fuck it we have a cause we really believe in but cannot be arrsed or do not have enough other people that believe enough (why not one may ask) in our cause to collect funds with the right message and true belief.

    So we will employ a company that does not give a shit about our cause or the people we purport to support so long as they take the bulk of the funds collected. That is not charity; that is industry and it stinks.
  10. Met two lads from Army of angels today with a presentation stand in a shopping mall. Very chuggerish. Didn't seem right to me.
  11. Yes its an outrage. We should boycott all charities that come up with that sort of scam
    Royal British Legion Charity | Skydive Hibaldstow
  12. I doubt it, but then the RBL look more professional so the ARRSE internet police don't mind so much whereas if a smaller charity looks a bit rough around the edges they are obviously conning bastards.
  13. A trip to CC and look at latest accounts posted for AoA does little to give hope that all is well. Cannot disagree with your main point, charity has become a self feeding, self congratulating and vastly overpaid industry.