Army of Angels - any new ideas?

Have recently come across their retail outlet in Gloucester.

No doubt as a charity they receive the usual business rates reduction, but are giving anything to society yet?


Touchy subject 'Desktopcommando' ?- Havent started whinging yet but only time will tell.

Previous blogs last year on this charity gave the impression that little if any money was going to suitable welfare cases. In fact from my own experiences they were less than honest in their approach asking for money and were more of a business than a charity.
Just yet 'another' quasi (possibly run for the benefit of the owners) military charity riding on the back of the RBL, SSAFA and H4H.

Previous accounts indicated a poor outgoing to cases and large almost total income adsorbed by 'costs'.

Any new information would be helpful.
It is the R Sigs 'cos 'me a muppet' and it should have gone to a more appropriate forum. By the way how do you do that?
Moved by me from Royal Signals to somewhere more appropriate...
Had a chat with one of the blokes when they had a stall in Didcot a few months ago. None of them were ex but they all look as though they might be. The nearest any of them had been to serving was the bloke in charge who had a brother who'd been a crab. He seemed more interested in slagging off H4H than telling me what he was bringing to the party. He kept banging on about how H4H only helped guys from recent conflicts- why this bothered him as a civvy I don't know. He was also keen to blart on about the money the directors of H4H were on- which struck me as maybe the prime motivation for the existence of yet another 'armed forces charity'.
My own opinion FWIW is that you should go into the Army of Angels shop if you require a weirdly proportioned ethnic carving of a giraffe. If you want to help serving or ex squaddies in need there are already established (but not necessarily fashionable) charities doing good work. Or just cut to the chase and donate to regimental / battalion charities, like this one:-
If you are worried about the costs of charities or if they are actually supporting troops, then lets just cut out the middle men and send your money to me direct. I promise to spend it only on those adjustments required a a result of my disability - like the adapted motor home I've got my eyes on.
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