Army of 84k post-HERRICK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alfred_the_great, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Writing has been on the wall since SDSR. Can't afford the army at it's current size. This is spin 101: provide top cover for a decision you already wanted / needed to make by announcing a new review / initiative which explains it.
  2. Waiting to see what the next RN cuts are
  3. All very well and good but unless you get something in the TA contract to say they have to deploy the rationale behind this is flawed.
  4. be honest does anyone on here think it will end there,not a chance.
  5. I'll be surprised if the Army isn't down to Crimean War or post-Napoleonic War size by the time these cuts have been implemented. I remember the gasps of indignation when the 100,000 figure was mooted a few years ago.
  6. A quick glance at Regular Army versus Territorial Army establishments over time shows a pretty consistent ratio of 3:1 (stand fast WW1/WW2)
  7. If they government would actually curb their expectations of what the armed forces could be used for then this could maybe be swallowed, just about. Somehow I doubt that and we'll be looking at continued do more with less.
  8. Telegraph
    MoD sacrifices manpower to pay for equipment
    More than 11,000 soldiers are to be given their marching orders to pay for an extra £3 billion of military equipment, senior Army chiefs said yesterday.
    There is “considerable disquiet” among commanders after ministers announced plans to reduce the Army to its smallest size since Victorian times. replacing regular soldiers with part-timers.

    Military commanders and opposition politicians said the drastic reduction raised questions about whether the military will ever stage major operations abroad again.

    There are also fears that the Army will no longer be able to wage armoured warfare after ministers refused to give a guarantee that a £5 billion programme for 2,000 armoured vehicles will go ahead.

    In a series of announcements before Parliament, the Ministry of Defence has decided to plough millions more into the Territorial Army. Training and equipment will be increased to ensure reservists can deploy on operations.

    A substantial readjustment was also made to military bases, with the Army moving out of Germany mainly into Scottish sites vacated by the RAF.
    MoD sacrifices manpower to pay for equipment - Telegraph
  9. Who wants to be part of an organisation that goes nowhere and does nothing - not me!


  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    One has to note that the beastly French who have about the same budget seem to manage to have 150,000 bods, working aircraft carriers, manage to do most of the bombing in Libya without the head of their airforce having a wobbly etc etc - perhaps we should ask them how they manage?
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  11. After seeing some of the excuses offered by TA bods when brown envelopes starting landing on their doormats inviting them to partake in an armed tour of ancient Babylonia with an unknown end date, this is the biggest hole I see in the plan.

    Rely on the TA, something kicks off that we can't ignore, no-one turns up at Brize/Marchwood because they're a single parent/can't afford the time off/can't get the time off/have a holiday booked/it's raining.
  12. A young recruit can now look forward to being stationed in the outer regions of Scottishland, Cambridgshire or Afghanistan. Wooopppee, how can Army Recruiters sell that lifestyle?

    King crap, cut-price organisation consigned to the bin bags of careers.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    That same budget also finances a few other things like the Gendarmerie.

    Nobody in the MOD is bright enough to speak French so they have not been asked...
  14. And if you really believe it will stop at circa 84,000 then you will be sadly disappointed.