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Hiya people,

Just signed up to the site as I have been finding it very useful recently and decided i would help out so more hopefuls like me. Yesterday I passed my Army Nurturing course. And as it was coming up I was looking around on the forums to find out what exactly happened as my ACO had not been particularly helpful on the matter. Well I didn’t find anything that directly referred to nurturing so I thought I would tell you what i had to do.

Basically Nurturing is a one day course that potential recruits get sent on to get you ready for ADSC, if you fail Nurturing you don’t go to ADSC, until you pass Nurturing. Main reason being the army keeps paying for people travel and training at ADSC when half of them don’t actually pass. Although I understand not all careers office's do Nurturing.

Ok then, the day. Well you arrive there and its straight into a brief about the day.

First we did Heaves. Now don’t worry if you are struggling with heaves. I’m hopeless and only managed to do 5. If you can achieve around 4 then you will be okay as long as you are seen to be putting in 110%! My arms were shaking and eyes bulging! Don’t be downhearted by seeing people doing 20 pull ups. Everyone has a weakness.

Secondly we did the 1.5mile run. Now our root was 2 laps of the barracks. But be prepared to do 3 laps. The ‘small’ warm-up is a jog around the barracks. When we started the run properly the PTI did the first lap with us to set a pace. Do Not feel u have to keep up with him if you know that is to fast a pace for you. I didn’t keep up with him and I beat a lot of the people that did. I took it at a pace I knew I was comfortable with, the majority of the people who I seen sprinting past me at the start, I later found walking. Below is a time Indication of what I was told by my ACO. I did it in 10.14 and I’m hoping to join Household Cavalry , for those who are wondering.

Royal Logistics, Royal Engineers, Royal Armoured and (I’m guessing) Intelligence the minimum time - 11.30 (Ideally you want to be hitting around 10.30 - show you have been making the effort)
Infantry minimum is 10.30
Parachute Regiment is 9.15 (I think)
Women I think have to do it in under 14mins.

Next we did the Jerry can walk. Simple task, but easy to fail. Two jerry cans each filled with water weighing 20KG each. Walk 150 metres. DON’T DROP! Simple if you have positive mental attitude. Those of you who don’t, just focus on something else. We were lucky and our PTI walked with us talking to us to take our mind off of the task in hand. A tip for people who get sweaty hands, rub your hands in some grit dust! Works a treat!

After that we had some dinner, Burger and chips - Ideal!

In the afternoon we carried out 3 team tasks. For these its about getting the right level of assertion. To much talking you get marked down. Not enough talking you get marked down. Make yourself heard but not overheard. Put forward and idea that’s all you can do. Also when your on the task keep encouraging people and helping them out with instructions. Don’t be bossy but be helpful. Also you will get marked up for trying to bring in quiet members of the group.

That’s all folks, I hope you find this useful :D Feedback would be appreciated as its my first post.


Never did nurturing at Exeter AFCO. Was only small Army staff there tho. Only pre-ADSC pep stuff we have been given is....'Regardless of how fit you are, we want you giving 200% effort and it'l see you well' then the recruiter gave me my warrant for travel and made a comment about imagining blue lights behind me on the run and that it'l get my scouse ass running faster
Good luck at ADSC Smiler. Let me know how it goes

The nurturing course is basically what we call Pre-ADSC/Selection on here :)! It wasnt called nurturing course with my AFCO just pre-selection, except we did press-ups and sit-ups in the middle of heaves and the mile and a half, fun for the ones who arnt fit!

Intelligence is 12.15 along with AGC and a few others I believe, but you obviously want to get alot better than that, 10.30 minimum!

Its a shame all the AFCO's do not do it considering the amount of really unfit people on the courses I attened it seems like its needed!
im doing one of these pre - ASDC courses tomorrow. dida look at life course a couple of weeks back and got 11.40 on my run. managed to drop it to 10.40 the other night and im gonna try break my pain barrier tomorrow. ill run til im sick. thing is though isnt your aco meant to phone and tell you they have booked you on one cos i had to phone up and tell them i wanted to go on one. no wonder the application process takes so long. i just wanna startb training asap.
what about the ice breaker is that not one of the most important? everyone can build up fitness just try your hardest

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