Army Nursing Services Badge

Does anybody have a spare one of the above mentioned badges that they can pass on to me???? Willing to pay for it and P&P and do some sexual favours if need be..........but only if I see the badge first........oh and I like it without lubricant :headbang:

Very serious about the badge though


Don't do it, he'll say that it didn't show, just to get out of buying you a pint! :)
Or do you mean this one:

Bedpan2zero said:
do you mean

a. the dustbin lid, or

b. lickle blue or green enamel one??

The lickle one please........and its not for me :pissedoff:

Fecking hell.......I shaag em, not want to join them :frustrated:

VB............we should put forward for Ginsters logos on the new QA ward dresses, could get enough money for a new military hospital after a few years.....

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